Sunday, May 11, 2014

Timemazine Volume 8 (Greece)

Timemazine is a great magazine dedicated to psychedelic music. They usually have a CD and a limited edition 7” coming with the magazine, which is the case this issue. The CD features some cool and also unreleased music by some of the bands in the zine. The 7” is by a band that is new to me called Manticore’s Breath. Some of the interviews features in this issue include The Standells, Craig from Lamp of the Universe, The Pancakes, Children of the Mushroom, The Roaring 420’s, The Dead End Alley Band, Primevil/700 West, Afterglow and a few others. The interviews are all very interesting and quite in depth. I always learn so much from them. A lot of excellent record reviews as well. I highly recommend this mag if you are into psychedelic music. The Mantcore’s Breath 7” is really good as well and comes in two different colours of vinyl. 

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  1. Thanks a bunch, dude! Much Appreciate this.......cheers!.....TimeLord Michalis