Saturday, May 24, 2014

Syreregn, Langsyn, Dead Man Driving- Lygten Station, CPH May 16th, 2014

It had been three years since I last played with Syreregn. I had seen them play a couple of times in between, when Freddy from Fuzz Manta was briefly in the band. The new guitar player Casper is really cool and great for the band. Sabine and I arrived with all my stuff for the soundcheck at 17 as agreed but only the other special guests, the people running the place and some from the Landsyn band had arrived. It was probably after 17:30 before Syreregn showed up but all went very smooth with the set up and soundcheck and then Langsyn used the same backline and did a soundcheck and all was ready to go. We tried out 1½ songs at the sound check and it was cool. I could have been louder in the monitor but Casper felt like he was getting blasted since we shared a monitor.

          There was only about 20 people when Langsyn started about 20:50. Not many of their friends or fans, it seems as most all these people were here for Syreregn. Rasmus (Causa Sui, ØSC) and his friend Christoffer showed up and Janne from my work as well. Langsyn apparently had been around for a wile and released a record in 2010 but only in the last 5-6 months got back together again. They sing all their songs in Danish and are really inspired by the 60’s beat music like Steppenvulve, and also Bob Dylan (a lot). They had a lot of good songs and people seem to enjoy their short set.

          It did not take too long for us to change over and we were on stage before 10. I did not play the opening Overture or Hvem ved Hvad. Next, we would play the entire new record, which I played on 3-4 songs. There was also Mattias joining on hand drums and a sax player on three songs as well. We started with Skabt værk with all the guests and this became a cool jam right away. This is realy blues rock but I seem to find my place to make it more like cosmic blues rock. Thor he writes really excellent songs. Going Under is a classic hard blues rock with a great guitar solo. Marana Tha (they used to call it Østen) is a long Indian inspired track in D that I really enjoyed playing on. Psykedelic Baby is their new like radio hit, and I only made a few space sounds at the chorus but people were really into this one. Hypnokongen the band has made a cool video for, see the link below. Mirror Mirror is another older song and everyone came bacak and this was a long 10min+ jam… Great show.. I had a fantastic time but I had to run before the last band as I promised I would come to a 50th birthday party of a friend. Great night and go check out this excellent new album, which will be out next month on the Bilocation label in Germany…

Set List: Overture, Hvem ved Hvad, Skabt Værk, going Under, Marana tha, Psykedelic Baby, Hypnokongen, Mirror Mirror

Fotos by Sabine.

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