Sunday, May 11, 2014

Agusa- Högtid (Transubstans Records/Kommun 2)

Agusa is a new band from Malmö, featuring members of Sveriges Kommuner & Landsting, Kama Loka and Hoofoot. The band is lead by Kommun2 record label owner Tobias Petterson. Tobias plays the bass and is joined by Jonas on organ and synthesizers, Mikael on guitar and Dag Strömkvist  on drums (they have a great new drummer now). The album is almost entirely instrumental except for one track and will take you back to Sweden in about 1975! The album starts off with Uti vår Hage and some beautiful organ and guitar. It quickly builds a really nice melodic and dynamic theme of lush organ, dynamic drums and a cool groove. A low mixed vocal also comes and goes. Fantastic organ and guitar solos and the sort of Swedish folk theme comes and goes. Great track. Melodi från St. knut ends side B and has a similar style melody as the first track but Mikael plays a fantastic wah guitar solo on this track while the rest of the band maintains that great 70s prog feel and groove. Cool song.  Flip the record over now and you will hear Östan om solen, västan om Måne.. It starts slow and spacey, with some vocals in the background as it all slowly builds up and the killer riff and groove finally kicks in and off we go! This could be my favourite track on the record.. Stioen genom Skogen brings back the forest organ Swedish music with another beautiful track!  The vinyl version of this record has really fantastic artwork by Peter Wallgren, who has done many covers for artists from the label.. I really love this record and it has been fun to play live with the band as well. Peace..

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