Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Space Spectrum- The Red Eyed Queen (Cosmic Eye Records EYE008)

The very cool Greek Label, Cosmic Eye is back with another band I have never heard of from Germany.. Like the Fjodor record, this one is also just one long trip split into two parts (20 and 16mins each). Strap yourself in and prepare for a spacey trip. The A side begins with some slow growing electronic sounds, gradually the bass and drums drive a slow growing rhythm of spacey guitar lines and floating synthesizers. Don’t be impatient, just relax and glide with the band, it is this kind of music. The guitar slowly gets more complicated while he maintains the repetitive and main riff but still leaving himself room to explore. It almost gets a bit doomy and stoned out like BONG at the end, super spacey stuff. Electric moon can also go in this direction. The end of the side brings it down again with some more synthesizers that dominate. Cool stuff. Flip the record over and we have a slow fade in of all the instruments minus the drums to start. The synthesizers, playing a very cool spacey lead for the first many minutes and then the guitars slowly lead the slow moving direction in another way as he plays a very slow solo with some nice delay and other cool effects. It slowly gets a bit heavier and the synth line that started it all off returns as it glides down to its final landing place… Nice journey guys. I enjoyed it…

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