Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mr. Peter Hayden- ArchDimension Now (Kauriala Society KAU-012)

The Finnish band, MPH is back with their newest and most ambitious release to date. It was recorded between Feb 2012 and 2014. This is a monster double CD and features a lot of really heavy but also atmospheric stuff with some spoken words samples, minimal vocals, but some and just two long trips in around 2hrs. It is very hard to describe a 60min track, but just go with the flow of the slow building guitar drones, space sounds and eventually you are released after about 10mins, the bass, drums and everything starts to take off into a massive distortion field of repetitive, almost industrial dark music. By 16mins, the sounds has dissolved into an eerie spacey zone, where little oxygen escapes.. By 25min you are in this sort musical trip that Dark Buddha Rising and BONG create, doom drone space…  by 35mins you have reached a very peaceful place with a nice melodic guitar riff and a keyboard solo is played for a while as it all slowly builds, very slowly and at the 37min mark, the return of the monster space doom riff but then is all starts to go into a really bad psychedelic trip and start to feel really dangerous, you are getting lost, losing touch with reality.. Eventually, the BONG like atmosphere returns with a cool flangy sound over the entire soundscape at the mid 40 min time point. The song fades almost entirely out and then returns with a short heavy section before a pretty psychedelic ending with lots of spacey guitar parts and keyboards. That was a crazy 67mins of your life.. Phew… Do you dare the 2nd CD right in a row??

          CD2  is a bit shorter, 58 mins and starts in a similar way as the first CD, but a bit more noisy and intense but with a really cool shimmering synth sound as it all starts to grow. 8½ mins in, the BONG riff kicks in but then a lot of other stuff starts taking you into this nightmare realm again where demons sing, dance, prepare for feasting… the intensity dies down around 15mins and a really cool riff starts up at 22½ mins that takes the entire track and vibe in another more beautiful direction as it also has some nice floating sounds complimenting it by the keys and other guitar.. It stays without doom but deep in space well into the 40min mark, closing in on the end of the dark psychedelic trip…

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