Saturday, February 8, 2014

Truckfighters- The Chairman 10” (Fuzzorama Records FUZZLP007)

It has been years since I heard any Truckfighters. I had the Gravity X CD but someone made off with it at some point.. Anyway, this 10” has the title track from the bands new record as well as a live track from Australia. The new track is very groovy and has all the features that this band does best. The bass is really leading in this one and they have a lot of cool changes. The guitar player is not playing hardly any lead guitar but mixing up the riffs a lot. A very cool mix of vocals as well. Great song. Desert Cruiser is clearly a song the band and the audience dig as you can hear the audience singing a long and you almost get the energy of the audience jumping up and down with the way the band are into it and stretch this one out to 12mins! If you are a fan you will love this one. I hope to catch them when they play in Copenhagen on Feb 16th

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