Saturday, February 8, 2014

Purson- The Contract 7” (Rise above Records)

This was a limited edition 7” sold at the Rise Above Records 25th anniversary concert in London in December 2013. It features the song The Contract from the bands last studio record and the unreleased song, Blueprints of the Dream. The leftover copies are still available from the Rise Above web store (green vinyl only).  The Contract (written by Cunningham) is a sort of beautiful spooky track with a driving bass line and lots of layers of instruments and then a dramatic change and upbeat section and then back to the more spooky stuff with mellotron, strings and then back again. Nice song. Blueprints starts with some organ and bells and then another pretty spooky but lovely track begins and it has a nice fuzzed out guitar for the short solo. If you like the band, this is worth getting… There are still some for sale at the Rise above web site.

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