Saturday, February 8, 2014

This is Nowhere- Turn on, Tune Down, Drop D (Nasoni Records 142)

This is Nowhere are a Greek band playing pretty psychedelic stuff, all tuned down, stoney and spaced out! This is the bands third release. The record comes with an insert as well as a CD version of the record with three bonus tracks, which are just remixed and different versions of three of the songs from the record (Moondub, I Need and I wish upon her for my Fall). Anyway the record starts off with Dopehead Blues (Lonnie Johnson song), a slow druggy blues track. Here you can get used to the reverb laden sound production. I need reminds me a bit of White Manna in a way. A sort of straight up rock and roll song but with strange twists and far out vocals, guitar parts, etc.. Bateman’s Late Night Shift is really psychedelic and passionate. I wish upon her for my Fall starts slow and crawling with just vocals and guitar reverb as it slowly grows. Side B starts off with the really psychedelic track, Two Nights.  A great stoner rock riff and groove followed by some really spaced out vocals, which they later ease up on but the grooves continue. There is not a real guitar solo but more some spaced sounds. Theme for Peter slows things down a bit but is like a stoney psychedelic blues song. Theme for Bootsy, pretty much says it all, right? Well, it is not as Funkadelic like as you would expect. The guitar riff is pretty similar to the other songs with more spacey vocals. It gets more uptempo and spaced out towards the end and then returns to the chorus of vocals. Moondub ends this very cool record and is more floating with some nice guitar lines. I really like the vibe on the record as the songs are all like spaced out jams. They have two guitar players but there is very little lead guitar, it is mostly just heavy riffing and some psychedelic guitar parts but not many solos. Anyway, I dug the record, the vibe and it is great when you want a really heavy stoned trip. Enjoy…

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