Saturday, February 8, 2014

Polska Radio One- Cosmos Inside (Trail Records 015)

This is a new Russian band released on the very cool US label, Trail records. From the picture in the digipack, you can see four young men (Dmitry- Guitar, vocal, keys, Alexander- Electric Tambura, Andrei- Keys, bass, and Feodor- Drums, keys) who created this very diverse, cool and interesting musical journey. The Final Mantra starts things off with a slow steady beat that hardly changes throughout the track, but interesting layers of vocal chants and some psychedelic guitar playing compliment this interesting intro track. The 2nd track, The Fractalized Sky will remind people a lot of Wooden Shjips, with its sound, vibe and vocal style. It has some very cool psychedelic guitar. Time Eternity is an excellent eastern style instrumental piece and features Stepan Jee on sitar. Morosim (2 C-P dub) changes the feeling totally as it very spaced out and dub like at times but some spacey vocals and wah guitar lead lead the way.  The track is also pretty hypnotic with a lot of repeated elements. To the Delta of Aquarius has some more spacey synths and a bit of a eastern feel to it again and more singing and Saucerful of Secrets Pink Floyd feel at times. Shagri-La is a slow track with hand drums and a slow evolving lead guitar line that complements the simplicity of the track as the keyboards lay low on this one and slowly creep into the sound as it gains in intensity, when the organ takes over.  Launch #93 has some spoken words taken from some astronauts talking in space, while an acoustic guitar strums and different keyboard fill in the rest of the space.  The 10min long title track, Cosmos Inside ends this excellent musical journey. This track has a more uptempo and groovy bass line that gets things going before the band really improvise and go out into space with a lot of cool guitar and effects and keyboards as this one gets really intense. There is one bonus track called Rhymes and Armonies and once again features Stepan Jee on sitar. The whole journey is 55mins..  I really liked this CD a lot.

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