Saturday, February 8, 2014

Siena Root- Conveniently Blind 7” (Transubstans Records TRANSV708)

This is the first new material by Siena Root in 3 years. The title track the band has been playing in their live set for a year or so. This is the last recorded material with multi-instrumentalist KG West, who has now left the band. Conveniently Blind (plays on 45rpm) is the first material to features the new singer Jonas Ahlen. This is a straight up Siena Root 70s roots rock track with some nice organ and guitar work. The whole band sounds great. Mishra Kafi is a 5½ min instrumental track that is based on a composted sitar piece for the start and then half way through a melodic hard rock build up kicks in and KG plays like a lead guitar line on the sitar that sounds really cool and then the last guitar section he switches back to his trusty Stratocaster! Great song and 7”.. I think it is pressed in 1000 copies. I can’t wait for the full length record later this year!

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