Saturday, February 8, 2014

Black Prism- Satan’s Country 7” (Easyrider Records EZRDR-006)

This is a totally new band for me. I just read a description and thought it sounded cool so I ordered it. The band have a very raw, low fi, nasty sound but play just heavy rock in the Sabbath worship vein. The title track starts off side A is very Black Sabbath inspired (the singing) but the sound is way too low fi and gritty for Sabbath. Cool guitar riff drives the track but sadly no guitar solo at all. Yrtnuog S’natas, is the same song as the A side spelled and played backwards…… what a complete waste that is? I have no interest in listening to this. Overall, I would not recommend this 7”. The band has a cool sound but no solos, and they need some more ideas, clearly.

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