Thursday, February 6, 2014

Trondheim Calling Live 2014- Jan 30th- Feb 1st

I was invited up to play with a great new Norwegian band called Black Moon Circle, who I just released their debut EP on my Space Rock Productions label, as well as played on. This festival is mainly a showcase for new bands from all music genres and mostly local acts. You get a wristband and then you can go to any of the clubs (10) where the bands are playing in Trondheim. There were a few very cool bands playing like Spider Gawd (features the rhythm section from Motorpsycho) and High Priest of Saturn, but I did not recognize any of the other names. Spider Gawd played two shows but we missed them both due to rehearsing on Friday and them playing just before us at another venue on Saturday. After rehearsal on Friday though Vemund and I went out to see High Priest of Saturn, a local doom band at a club called Blæst. I had seen them before and was hoping to hear some new material and they did play a new song, which I shot a video of called Serpent World. They only had 30mins like all bands so only played 4 tracks. The sound needed to be much more massive and the drummer was just too laid back so when you also have a laid back vocal, it just lacked intensity. It was a bit disappointing considering that I liked the record they made on Svart quite a lot.

               The next day I saw part of the band playing before Black Moon Circle and they were called New Brian. They were young kids all dressed up to the max with ties, perfect hair and looks playing 80s like music, something like Wham! It was not for me and the small crowd seem to like it but I just don’t understand the point of doing stuff like this… Ugh..

               We hit the stage right at 23 and played 32mins. We opened with Jack’s Cold Sweat, a track that will be on the band’s first full length record later this year. Øyvin (singer and bass player) has been fighting a cold the entire weekend so his vocals were quite harsh at times but he really sang with intensity and gave it his all. We had a nice spaced out section on this track. American Eagle, which is on the EP, was really extended with two different improvised sections and quite different from the record. We really had it together on this track and I had come up with some cool spacey sounds, that are not on the record. Plains, also from the record really let Vemund play some amazing guitar parts as we took the psychedelic space rock to another level. Sound was great on the stage (and also the audience recording). Short, powerful show..  We quickly packed up and headed back to the rehearsal room as we were going to have a studio recording session the next day. It was a great concert. I feel like I have a special musical connection with these guys that I have not had with all the bands I have played with, so early on. Awesome.
Black Moon Circle

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