Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zone Six/Vespero- Split CD (Transubstans Records)

This is a split CD with the Russian band, Vespero and the German band Zone Six. Vespero starts the CD off with three lush progressive instrumental spacey tracks. Nüllis starts things off and is a keyboard driven track with some intense drumming in the background of these spacey new age keyboards and a solid bass line. In the last two minutes the track really picks up and the keyboard switches to an organ sound and a cool guitar line kicks in. Intense. Clouds is another track with really spacey synthesizers and an uptempo as well. Lots of layers of spacey stuff going on including some flute. The guitar section is really nice and melodic and also spaced. Lifeless Pilars slows the pace down a lot but the synthesizer still leads the way into the space to start and later features some great guitar. Cool stuff from Vespero. The Zone Six track is 24min long and quite a bit more spacey and heavy stuff, without the lush new age spacey synths, more focused on far out sounds and funny voices and just being intense. It sounds a lot like the current Electric Moon but with some more space sounds and and not much like older Zone Six. A great track from a very spacey CD….

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