Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pharaoh Overlord- Lunar Jetman (Sige Records SIGE-012)

This record has a really cool cover and insert where the material is almost like cloth. The music on this release, let’s just call it extreme. Rodent is a totally far out piece, I don’t even know how to describe it while Palmyra Call has a really cool heavy metal guitar riff that the band really hooks into but then it becomes almost a space rock like thing with some cool guitar and a spacey sound evolving underneath. Wow… Side B starts off with a long track called the The Black Horse (on the record they say that The Cardinal starts side B with a 4min track). It gradually builds on a repetitive guitar and bass riff but there are some dark spacey elements that are fucking with your head in a subliminal kind of way. Some of this stuff reminds me of the very cool Circle related project, Ektroverde but more repetitive. I think this is the Cardinal, which is a super groovy track with all these spacey elements underneath. Killer bass on this one even though the track is very repetitive. The 2nd vinyl record features Cave of Hair parts 1 and 2, each just under 15mins apiece. The first part is pretty spaced and psychedelic due to the synths and effects as a heavy guitar riff is played every now and then along with a much more melodic and dreamy guitar. A lead guitar line eventually develops in the distance. Later on some keyboards become more prominent but are also mixed with delay and in the distance. It is a strange track as the there is no real groove but a sort of meandering with the drummer trying to fit it. It is a bit dark and brooding as a Cave of Hair should be! Part 2 is similar to part 1 as it has this heavy guitar riff, another melodic guitar line but the mood is darker and the drummer comes in at regular intervals to smash the kit. The bass is very patient as well as they build up the tension but in the end it never comes to any sort of climax and leaves you a bit disappointed but then Pharaoh Overlord is all about not doing what is expected!

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