Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Church of Misery and Dogmatist- Loppen, Christiania April 3rd, 2012

 I almost did not go to this show but I had a great time. I hung out with my friend Nils and the guys in Church of Misery for a few hours. Such nice people. Tom, the Australian guitar player is going to move to Sweden soon so that is great news. I spoke a lot to him and his Swedish girlfriend. Super cool people. There was a very good crowd of over 100 people on this night, quite a few more than at the Aron’s headband and Träd Gräs och Stenar show.

          A young Danish thrash punk band called Dogmatist opened the show with blistering speed, racing through like 8 or 9 songs in 20mins. Only for the last song did they slow down so they had a sort of groove the rest were just super-fast, intense, screaming vocal, powerful songs that all sounded nearly exactly the same. People seem to dig them.

          Church of Misery had to change out all the gear and do some line checks so this took a bit of time but people were hungry to see them and packed the front of the stage. Tom said that Loppen was one of his favourite, if not his favourite venue in the world to play. Cool. Anyway, the band were in a great mood and played a powerful killer concert sticking to mostly the same stuff they have been playing for the last couple of years with only Sick of Living being a bit of a surprise. The rest of the set was more or less the live at Roadburn record. Tom was playing some killer guitar and Nils and I had nicely asked them to play For Mad man only, the May Blitz cover that they did such a great version of and they did in a killer 15 min totally jammed out version. I had not seen them play like that since 2006! They really seem to enjoy the jam a lot as well so maybe they will do a bit more of this on the rest of the tour. Great night… check out the videos!

Set List: El Padrino, I Motherfucker, Candy Man, Megalomaniac, Blood Sucking Freak, Sick of Living, Killfornia, Shotgun Boogie, For Madman Only

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