Tuesday, April 10, 2012

White Witch Canyon- S/T (Kozmik Artifactz ARTIFACT4)

This is the latest release on the Kozmik Artifactz record label. This is a totally new band for me California band from the East Bay in San Francisco area and a trio that really rocks with some downtuned jamming stoner rock. This record was independently released in December 2008 and this is the first time on vinyl. Lovely artwork on this cool gatefold record with a lyric insert. The LP starts off with The Witch, which gives you a taste for what the band deliver. A cool guitar solo mid section, some nice effects on the vocals at times to make it a bit more psychedelic. Escape Pod is next and I like the lyrics on this one. A short straightforward song. Thirty three and one third is next with a fuzzy, wah, phased out guitar to start before the heavy stoner riff kicks in. Very cool track with some cool guitar parts as well. Four Star Heretic has a very cool jamming energy and groove. Killer track and a bit like old Monster Magnet in the space section. Parasitic Stray ends the side A and has a brief Electric Funeral wah riff kick for a section to mix the song up a bit.  Boom goes the Dynamite is very Kyuss like to start but the vocal delivery is totally different. A catchy interesting song. Sell your Soul start with just some bass and melancholy vocal until the guitar and drums kick in but it maintains a melodic thread and cool groove. Great dynamics on this track with cool slow and fast parts, psych guitar, etc. Ancient Android is a high speed stoner anthem like the type that Novadriver used to write. I really liked this record a lot. Check it out if you like bluesy, slightly psychedelic stoner rock with great songs. The LP ends with a non-listed track that has a spoken word speech underwhich is some guitar effects that pulsate and reverberate back and forth. Trippy… ending with some guitar solos and screaming….

          I don’t know if the band is still active or not. This is the only web page I could find and they have not logged in in a year! Hope so…

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