Wednesday, April 4, 2012

US Christmas- Bad Heart Bull (Play on Assassin)

This is one of the very early US Christmas CD-Rs from 2004 that is now out on vinyl in three different colors (250 of each color). I really dig this band, their bluesy, heavy, psychedelic, space rock sound and this shows a bit of where their roots are. If you order the vinyl, you get a digital download that also includes a live version of Lazerus from San Francisco. The title track is a short 2 min acoustic track with some spaced sounds and vocals. This leads into New War, and this is a pretty heavy riffing track with screaming and distorted vocals by Nate. The guitar solo sections are intense as well. Gallows Humor is a more dreamy instrumental track with acoustic and electric guitar and some spacey synths as well as it goes up and down in dynamics and it repeats itself over and over. Black Snake is a more intense track with that characteristic guitar riffing and powerful vocal delivery and a few space synth sounds kick in intensely at times making it feel very Hawkwind like. This is the coolest track on the record, totally blew me away. Walk Under is a short acoustic track. An early version of their popular song, Lazerus appears next. Thin the Herd is an intense rocking instrumental track with a groove. The title track part II is a long 10 min psychedelic trip song. If you pre-ordered the record you also get a pretty cool 7min long version of Lazerus recorded in San Francisco. This is a cool record in three colors of vinyl!

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