Monday, April 9, 2012

Øresund Space Collective and A Tree of Night- The Big Bang, Roskilde, Denmark April 7th, 2012

This was one of the rare ØSC gigs in Denmark outside of Copenhagen. We had never played in Roskilde. The club was a pretty cool place a bit like Dragens hule but on the grounds of an old place called the Paramount, that has had live music in Roskilde since the early 70s. It has been a kind of punk rock place for the last many years but some of the young locals are trying to turn it into a cool underground place like Dragens Hule.. We were happy to come out and play.

          A Danish psychedelic trio called A Tree of Night from Helsingør opened the show. They have one album out on the Orpheus record label. They arrived 3hrs late so it was a bit rushed getting them set up and getting them to play before it was too late. They played a very cool set with tracks from the LP and some new material. I really enjoyed their set of acoustic guitar (often with some cool effects), electric guitar (Gibson SG) and a guy who played hand drums, beat box and other percussive instruments. Cool songs.

Set List: Wake, Overtone, Candidate, Desert, Murder, Vulture, Somewhere, Tree, Call, Raga

          We hit the stage about 22:45, I think and played one long 140min set. This was the first time that Paw (Highway Child) and Birke (Univerzals) had ever played with ØSC. The combination of Nicklas (Papir) and Paw was great. Lots of long solos and giving lots of space for MOgens and I as well. Jiri and Birke just were great on the rhythm section. A few really Hawkwind like passages and also rock and roll and pink Floyd elements. A great concert. Thanks to Anders for making the great sound. Fun night. You can see one video below and also hear the entire show at the link below.

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