Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Technicolor Poets- The Echoing Green (Kommun2:18)

This is the 2nd and more mature record by the young Malmö, Sweden band. They used to be a 5 piece band but I can see they are only 4 on this one. The opening track, Ocean of Ideas, really reminds me a lot of local Danish, psych genus, Aron. Azure Maclise is a more heavy and dynamic psychedelic rock song but still with melodic singing and guitar lines. The end section is just a bunch of melodic rhythm guitar for 2 mins where they really could have had a guitar solo or something interesting happening. Deldar is more chilled out and has a bit of sitar and eastern feel and feels more improvised and mysterious but then it ends before I felt it had really gone anywhere? Strange. Side B starts with Solipsistic Wedding is a slower, beautiful track but also quite dynamic. Broomstick Angel reminds me more of the 13th Floor Elevator inspired song they had on the first record and is quite different from the other songs with a quite different sound and feel based on a simple skank like guitar. They’re Building Houses ends this pretty short record (a bit over 30mins). This tracks is also more dynamic slow, more uptempo, a bit psychedelic. Overall, it is a nice record but it did not really catch or impress me much, sadly. It lacks some sort of spark or novelty.

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