Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Electric Moon- Cellular Space live Overdose 2LP (Sulatron Records str1203)

This is a new double live vinyl record by Electric moon, following up on the very successful, Flaming Lake release. This is pressed in 777 copies in a cool but simple sleeve so they can keep the price down a bit. The music is the bands favourite jams from two concerts that took place in the last half year (Fulda Sept 2011) and Darmstadt 2012). CD 1 is from Darmstadt and starts off with the Soul Feeder. IT starts off slow and spacey with just delay guitar and bass and then the drums slowly enter. At 4mins the bass really dominates the mix as Dave starts to take the track to another level. Dave just adds to the layer of intense guitar effects as the track builds and builds until the 10min point, when they change rhythm briefly. They really slow it down and space out with some nice melodic lines before they build it up again. With 6 mins left they begin to expand…. Cool jam.. The Idle Glance takes the next 22mins and starts off slowly and melodically and you can sort of hear, sense the audience talking in the background as the track builds itself up. Dave plays really cool guitar before kicking in the effects pedals and taking the music to the next level. An absolutely amazing track with really cool use of guitar effects and a nice melodic trip.

          Now onto CD2 live from Fulda and you have two long tracks as well. The Verge of Fainting starts it off. It starts with some beautiful delay wah solos and then really builds up in intensity, though not that much in pace for a while. Lulu also kicks in with some cool effects on the bass but mostly just drives the straight line forward with Alex on drums. The wall of sound becomes pretty damn intense. It eventually comes down with some long spacey delay guitars towards the end. Intense. The Spaceman returns starts really slow and beautiful and then Dave starts to take it up with a repeated riff that progressively gets more fuzzed and phased and freaky. This turns out to be quite a special jam. The end really brings it all together with these dreamy lines mixed with far out sounds  Can’t wait to see them live for the first time at Roadburn 2012!

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