Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ett Rop på Hjålp- Hur svåart kan det Vara? (Transubstans 091)

Ettt Rop på Hjälp (A cry for Help) are a new Swedish band from Göteborg in the vein of November, Dead Man (I know they don't sing in Swedish) , Svarte Pan and other 70s inspired heavy rock bands from Sweden and all the songs are sung in Swedish,  This is always a bit bold as this automatically limits your audience quite a lot so the music better be amazing, otherwise you are fucked.. The band's record features 9 tracks of slow to mid paced songs, with dual guitars and a strong vocalist. The band play less hard music though, the riffs are heavy but not that hard and it is mostly a record melodic guitar riffing as there are very few guitar solos. The band have created a quite solid melodic record with many very nice elements. Den Europeiska Löken is a more uptempo track, while Sagor is a beautiful slow track but also one of the heaviest at times. The title track really shows a different side of the band though with a nearly silent and cool spacey section before they rock out again and then get very melodic and spaced again. The last track, Josef K is the only track on the record with any real guitar solos in this slow doomy track. I think the 2nd Dead Man record on Crusher is the best comparison for this band but they do not sound just like Dead Man. Check them out.

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