Sunday, December 30, 2012

Glitter Wizard- Hunting Gatherers (Captcha HBSP-2X-035)

The San Francisco psychedelic rock band Glitter Wizard returns with their 2nd full length record. This one is really super cool and totally blew me away. The opening track Worship the Devil is a great number and reminds me a lot of old Witchcraft! The beginning has this 60s style organ that throws you off but later it takes a totally different direction including some awesome flute playing. A very dynamic song. Blood of the Serpent starts with a more slow heavy stoned rhythm and spacey vocal. The organ line is once again spot on and compliments the heavy guitar riff. Motörider is a catchy uptempo rock and roll number. Space is a long track that starts with a lot of drumming by Fancy Cymballs before the main hypnotic guitar and vocal kicks in. The middle section has some really spacey keyboards and flute and slowly the psychedelic guitar creeps in as the track builds up again.

          Ragdoll starts off side B and is an uptempo rocker with a really cool keyboard line and hard riffing guitar. The horn line makes it a bit crazy and you got love Wendy’s vocal. The mid-section has a cool wah guitar part with some spacey synths, organ and vocals as the track just keeps evolving and never coming back to where it started. Spaced! Wizard Wagon is a really catchy track with some cool lyrics (“We can all get high in my wizard wagon!”). Sunlit Wolves is a forest acoustic blues track with flute. Big Sur is along spaced out psychedelic monster of a track. It statts off really spacey but then the band hit a really swinging groove as the organ leads the way and then heavy guitar and spacey synth sweeps take us out to another universe! This is a super cool record and one of my favourites this year..

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Univerzals- The Last Interspace Gypsies (Space Rock Productions SRP010)

The Danish band, the Univerzals are back with their 2nd full length release. The amazing artwork on this record was done by the one and only Ed Unitsky and fits perfectly the vibe and mode of this excellent spacey psychedelic rock record. While the material was recorded over the last ten years it all sounds new and fresh with an excellent sound production. Nickolas Hill, is the leader of the group and wrote all the songs and sings and plays the guitar. He is backed by a large list of different musicians as this material was recorded at different places with different bands over several years. Anyway, the double lp (no CD release) starts with the really cool slow and spacey E55 with a passionate vocals and some fantastic saxophone playing taking the lead. I really love the powerful lyrics. Tell Me is the longest track on the record at 14 mins and has a really spacey ending section. This is an uptempo track with a great bass line with really excellent dynamics between the instruments and some nice spacey synthesizers as well. This is really an amazing track. Jealous and Envious starts side B of the LP with a drone and then the main guitar riff kicks in. IT has a quite heavy guitar riff which Nick counters with his melodic singing style. The break features some acoustic guitar and then the horns come in. Marsman starts really heavy and is fast track which really changes the dynamic. It has this sort of eastern keyboard line and a very psychedelic vibe going on as lots of things are happening before the main song break. Psychedelic stuff! Deal with the Past is a perfect track to follow the very intense Marsman track. It is a sort of floating track to start and then the guitar starts to lift up the track as it grows and grows with this repetitive riff. IT really spaces out with some intense guitar playing at the end. In the Middle of Nowhere, has some really cool lyrics and and a nice vibe as Nick sings in a more laid back way. Spacetrain is a really experimental track with lots of drones, space sounds, and things happening as it slowly gains in intensity. then the riff kicks in. Thee is some delay on the voice to make it a bit more spacey and when the track floats back to earth, a beautiful sax solo. No Only Way starts with a very Eastern, like Egyptian theme and really spacey with fantastic clarinet. The Same Difference is a more laid back ballad and even has some female backing vocals and some serious lyrics. A really different track and really nice. Contradictions has a fast ska like groove and will remind people of some of the tracks on the bands first record, Ocean of Light. That ends this 72 mins trip with the Lost Interspace Gypsies.  Amazing record. Wow..

Westerbur and Rowe- Westerbur and Rowe 10” (Northern Ashram Records)

 The keyboard and drum duo of Westerbur and Rowe are back with their 2nd limited edition release. The first one was released in 2011 in only 100 copies. This is even more limited in only 50 numbered copies with handmade sleeves. Each side is a long untitled instrumental track and both are really cool. Side A starts with a cool organ that is complimented by spacey synthesizers. This goes on for a min or so before the drums enter into the track. The layers of keyboards are really cool as the track floats along and the mood changes but there is always this spacey kind of drone running through even though the organ clearly is the lead instrument. The drummer compliments the music in a cool way and there is a keyboard that also plays a sort of bass line as well. The B-side is quite similar but the synths are more intense and psychedelic at the beginning and the pace is a bit faster and goes up and down. Cool 10” if you can track it down..

Qoph- Freaks (Transubstans/Nasoni Records)

The Swedish psychedelic rock band, Qoph is back with their 3rd full length record. The artwork is quite dark with very little information just four dark portraits of the members of the 2 album sides and inside the gatefold. The insert gives a bit more but to find the real LP order you have to look at the LP labels themselves. Anyway, the opening track (Hearts and Sorrows) sounds just like what you had hoped the new Soundgarden record would sound like but doesn’t. A fantastic track that channels 1991 era SG. The next song Seconds and Minutes is very short and strange and then In your Face is a brooding track that slowly cruises along with a cool passionate vocal. Ride kicks up the intensity again much like the first track and is like the single you can hear on the their web site. It also features a bit of saxophone. Feverland is a bit spooky and lead by the bass line but some strange sounds and things creep into the song to take it away from the norm. Flip the record over and the Wierdness to Come also has this dark feel to it and is quite heavy and has a cool double track guitar section and organ. Freaks has a long tripped out instrumental section that is really cool. Remedy is a cool funky catchy track with an addictive rhythm and a great wah guitar solo. The Devil Rides Out ends the record and is a great song and also features Karl Asp on saxophone.

HEDGEHOGS- Our minds Dyed Yesterday (Levitation Records LR001)

Levitation Records is a new Danish label started by Kasper from Troldmand. This is the first release on the label and a really cool one. Stumblin’ Around opens the A side and The vocal sounds a lot like Guf from Baby Woodrose. Cool stoned vibe. Don’t want you has a more raw vocal and more uptempo but a similar guitar sound and strummed style. The guitar break was good. Peace of Mind has some more intense interplay between the guitars. Yellow Note slows things down and has some darker lyrics and is more melancholy. The melodic lead guitar line is great on this track. Dirty N’ Vile is driven by a cool bass line and a bit surfy feel. Mean Machine ends the A side has a different style vocal, a bit more spoken word like. The guitar sound and playing is quite similar on most of these songs on the A side making it hard to really remember a stand out. They are all pretty cool. Side B starts with the Witch. The track is more organ driven. Your Eyes is slower and by far the longest track on the record with its repeated guitar lines but not many solos. Every Door starts with a cool bass line and then a guitar line used many times by lots of bands. It sounds a bit like Dragontears but not nearly as psychedelic. Servant Chant ends the record with a bit of a shuffle. It is a pretty cool psych record.
They remind me of some other Danish 60’s psyche inspired bands like On Trial, Technicolor Poets, Setting Son, The Wands but also 60’s psych references like LOVE are obvious.

Electric Moon- Live 2012 One and Two (Sulatron Records STCDR019/20)

These are the latest two live CD-Rs by Electric Moon capturing the bands shows at two different festivals and the first releases with new drummer, Michael Orloff. The first ONE is from Zytanien Festival and features 6 jams in this set. The opening 20½ min jam starts like most of the 2011-2012 EM jams, heavy bass and highly effected guitar riffing before Dave heads into freakout mode and the bass takes over the entire sound as Dave sort of disappears in the background of the mix and then later reappears with some aggressive wah guitar attacks and Michael keeps driving the track. Lots of super psyched out guitar. Spaced out stuff. The 2nd track grows out of the end of the first with a very repetitive bass line to start a bit like Robot Stomp by White Hills but then it changes and Dave plays some more melodic guitar lines and then starts hitting the effects pedals and back into space they go. Jam 3 starts slow spacey and searching while Michael has a bit of a break.  Sula plays some keyboard sounds with his guitar before strapping on the guitar and letting it rip again. I love the riff he comes up for this jam. HE goes into total freakout mode though at the end. The next jam is pretty hypnotic with some cool delay guitars. Jam 5 is more melodic to start with some guitar soloing and Lulu really drives this track with the bass. The sound balance is better as well as the bass was just too much in the first track or two. The last track is abit more stoned and by far the shortest jam at only 7mins. If you like previous EM stuff you will dig this as well. Michael is a very solid drummer for the band. Total time is 78mins.

          TWO is recorded at the Rocht de See Festival and Michael has settled in a bit more and the jams are longer as there is only 4 tracks on this CD and they Dave does not play such heavy guitar, a bit more melodic. This one starts off with some delay bass lines that sound pretty cool and spacey. It does not take them long before they head off into wah wah land for a 18min trip. What a cool spacey effect he has on the guitar on one part. The 2nd jam is really excellent and the best lead guitar stuff Dave plays on the either of the CDs, perhaps. Not so totally freaked out and heavy, more melodic while lulu and Michael keep the groove. Next track has some really cool delay guitar. By the end of 2½ hrs of EM, you are pretty wiped out.. Intense, psychedelic stuff. The last track is a killer… The band are really grooving and spacing…

Diagonal- The Second Mechanism (Rise Above Records RISECD149)

The UK band Diagonal is back with their 2nd record. We saw them play 4 years ago at the Roadburn festival and they were great. They are slow to make their records but they are cool. The first instrumental number will remind people a bit of Astra with its heavy layers of synthesizers and basic sound. These Yellow Sands starts slowly with the horns taking the lead in this slow mellow spacey build up. At 2½ mins it really takes off with the guitar leading the way with a very melodic solo as the horns compliment the groove and spacey keyboards. It has a very intense and complex ending. Mitochondria starts slow and spacey with horns and piano and is quite haunting. With this song title, I wonder if anyone in the band is a biologist like myself? At the 2min segment it really pick up and starts with a great clarinet solo. Another very complex track with great guitar and horn dynamics. All the members are credited with vocals but not a peep our of anyone yet! Maybe this track? Hulk starts with some intense drumming and then the vocals! The lead vocal is by Nicholas, the saxophone-clarinet player. There is very little singing and they just get down to the track at hand. Capsizing the last track, starts really spacey and floating. The slow building bass line driving the track forward before the drums come in and the pace picks up. The clarinet takes the first solo followed by a trippy saxophone solo with a lot of reverb and other horns mixed in as well. This is a very melodic track and the mood changes completely from the way it begins. Another very cool record.

Asteroid- Asteroid 7” (Sweden 2012)

The Örebrö, Sweden based band, Asteroid are back with a limited edition 300 copy 7” with two new tracks that play at 33rpm. The artwork is quite simple with almost no information on the two printed papers inserted into the clear plastic sleeve. The A side is a track called Move a Mountain and it starts off mid-paced and pretty bluesy with a simple guitar solo. It stays in this laid back stoney blues mode but is mainly driven by the bass line of the song. There is a small mid-section break the sounds like a keyboard or a 2nd guitar and then it is gone. The ending is more of an uptempo stoner rock style. Cool track. One foot in the Grave also has this bluesy feel like their local friends, Dead Man. The mid section is a simple riff and bass groove that eventually a wah solo sort of squeezes out of the end before they go back into the main theme again.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Taste the Doom- Mayhem, Copenhagen 12/15/12

Taste the Doom is an interesting event. This is the 8th one held and the first in Denmark. It is a whisky tasting and Doom listening event. There are 7 whiskies from around the world and they have carefully selected music to go with the whisky. You get 2cl of each whisky, which is just the right amount and a new whisky about every 25mins. They only sold 15 of the 30th tickets but this is probably due to all the Christmas parties going on at this time a year in Denmark. It also said on the Mayhem web site for weeks that it was sold out, when in fact it was not. I met up with Tom and Jens and the photographer, Jacob was also there. Other than that I did not know any of the other people but I think they were all whisky enthusiasts and not into the heavy music, while we were the opposite. I think we were the only ones who knew the bands that they played. 

So we started off with Greenore 8yr single grain 40%. This was a light and very smooth whisky. We heard Year of no Light- Hierophante and Deathspell Omega- III. The hosts were quite funny and gave nice introductions to the whisky and the music between each one. Next up was an American single barrel bourbon (Four Roses single barrel 50%). It had a very unique flavour and the characteristic sweetness that bourbons have but it was good. We heard a great long track by Boris called The evil one which Sobs. Next up was the my favourite whisky. I had never tasted anything like it. Amrut 46% from India. They told us the facts that India is a huge whiskey drinking country. This was really great and for that we got two tracks, YOB- Before we dreamed of Two and Fetish69- Antibody. By now, people were a bit more animated and feeling good. The Kilchoman Machir Bay 46% was you real “Scotch” whisky. Smooth, very smokey, earthy… Weedeater- Bull was a perfect choice. Fistula- Burn the Ladders closed it off. Next was a very special Laphroaig PX 48% that you can only get in airports. IT has this really special flavour and was very nice. It was changing all the time the way you responded to it so we also had three tracks this time with Weekend Nachos- Unforgivable, Thorr’s Hammer- Norge and Dopethrone-Dark Foil (Great song…..). The next one was the best of all the whisky. This was the Duthies Bruichladdich 20yr CS 52.2%. Wow. That was fantastic. For this we heard UfoMammut Aureum and Infearnatural. The last whisky was extremely powerful and evil stuff. If you held this one in your mouth for the 12 seconds you really got hit with the alcohol, the dirty of the earth, the vapours filled your head and you nearly would fall out of your chair! The music was also insane with Meth Drinker and MOSS.. 

IT was a really cool evening and I would for sure do it again if they bring it back to town. It was 222kr and a really fun 3hrs… 


Kaj’s 60th Birthday- Dæmonen’s Port, Copenhagen Dec 7th, 2012

(Thomas Valentine, the Mighty Blues Band, Gas Giant)

We all gathered to celebrate our friend Kaj’s 60th birthday and Gas Giant reunited for the occasion. Gas Giant also played at Kaj’s 50th birthday party 10 years ago but this was a different party this time. I arrived early (18:30) and people were still eating. It was a combination of friends and family. Only Jesper from Gas Giant was there. His brother Thomas arrived at 19 and he and Jesper got the stage ready for his acoustic performance at 20. I guess there was about 30 people and more would show up later including a lot of old friends but I missed Kaj’s friend Kim. 

Thomas Valentine
Thomas played a really fantastic and really passionate set of cover songs by Bowie, Stones, Allan Olsen (Danish blues singer), Neil Young and a great version of Smokestack Lightning. This was a perfect way to start the music evening. I enjoyed it a lot. he also did a version of Working Class Hero. Warren Haynes does the best version of that song that I have ever heard. 

Lars, a good friend of Kaj’s, his Mighty Blues Band were next. They are a local blues rock band and they had prepared a set of classic rock and blues for the party and they kicked it off with Tush by ZZTOP. They have keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, female vocals and a guy who plays conga and harmonica as well. A solid band. It was a cool mix of the rock and blues. Some of the songs they performed better than others and they did a cool version of Child in Time, which is not an easy one to play. I really liked their version of Catch the Rainbow as well. Good band..

Mighty Blues Band
Set List: Tush, Crossroads, Fool for your Stockings, Boom Boom out go the Lights, Stormy Monday, Crying in the Rain, Dust my Broom, Redhouse, Statesboro Blues, Since I’ve been loving you, Waking the Dog, Catch the Rainbow, You really got me, Child in Time, Don’t believe a Word. Encore: Crossroads

IT took an hour to remove all their stuff and set up the all our gear from scratch. We did not do a soundcheck at all except Jesper to get the vocals so that he could hear himself as it was going to be fucking loud! Thomas had the bass amp turned up to 8 and Stefan was pretty loud. I was also running my synth through a marshall cabinet so it had a pretty massive sound. Stefan help to EQ it the best we could. Anyway, everyone was in a great mood and people were really anticipating the return of Gas Giant and so was I. I had not played with them since the Dragens Hule gig in 2005. Anyway, we started with Back on the Headless track and into Storm of my Enemies. I could hear I was pretty loud at times and it was annoying Stefan but I was getting mixed signals as Jesper’s brother was telling me to turn up so what can I do? Anyway, we just continued on with Holy Walker, Alien Frequency, and Clowner. The band had never played Clowner live with Tommy and not played it live since 2000, I think. What a great song it is. Green Valley was cool but Jesper was letting some of the audience sing parts and it sounded really awful. Too Stoned went down well and we really jammed it out a bit. No really intense jams or solos from Stefan on this night. Tommy really wanted to play All Creatures and we rehearsed it once so we went for it and it turned out pretty cool. They ended the main set with Mama Cool. IT was about 70mins long. 

Now there was a little break and while, the 2nd Gas Giant drummer, Kjeld had to rearrange the drum kit. He was only in Gas Giant for about 6 months from late Dec 2000 and until June 2001 but has remained friends with the band. He was going to play on the three songs that Gas Giant recorded with him for the split LP with WE. We did not rehearse any of these songs so I had no idea what was going to happen. Two went well and one was a mess. Ride the Red Horse and Never leave this way were really fun to play and brought back great memories. Firetripper, no one except Kjeld and I had listened to it so Stefan had no idea what the riff was. We eventually pulled together a fucked up version but it was high energy and people had a lot of fun. That was the main point.  Let’s see if the band will continue or not after this. I had a great night. Thanks to Kaj and also the Gas Giant guys… The party continued afterwards as different people played DJ and played AC/DC, Stones, Johnny Winter, and then it started to get heavy and I went home at 2:30.. Peace and Love

Set List: Back on the headless Track, Storm of my Enemies, Holy Walker, Alien Frequency, Clowner, Green Valley, Too Stoned, All Creatures, Mama Cool

Kaj, the birthday Boy!
2nd Set: Ride the Red Horse, Never Leave this Way, Firetripper (sort of)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Mantric Muse and Øresund Space Collective- Dragens Hule, Copenhagen Dec 1st, 2012

This was the Mantric Muse CD release party and ØSC were nicely added to the bill so we could reunite the early line up of ØSC. The doors opened early and it was free entrance and the band provided  a lot of snacks and free beers on all the tables to get the party started. It was so great to see some people I had not seen in years and many of the people who used to come out and support the band. This was their first real concert since 2006.  Some of the old Mantric Muse members were also here. It was a great party but the band was delayed in starting as the people who were going to do the projections bailed out and they had to hunt down a projector and do our old school visuals with G-Force and a laptop. The projector did not arrive until 22:30 and by the time it was up and running it was nearly 23 so a quite late start. Mantric Muse played the entire new LP in order except they stuck an older song, Mystsic Union (in quite a new version) before Deep Sea Cheops. The new synthesizer player Ola (Bland Bladen, ØSC, Derango, Hofoot etc..) it was his first gig ever playing Mantric Muse songs and he is exactly the person they have needed all these years. The band sounded fantastic and also tagged some jams into the ends of several of the songs. The place was pretty filled up and people really dug the show. They had only one more song to play called Arm. The set was about 105mins.

 After about 35mins, ØSC was ready to fly with all the Mantric Muse guys on board plus Ola and Sebastian (both from Bland Bladen) and myself. This was the original line up that played the first OSC shows here in Dragens Hule back in 2005 and also recorded the first two records. Mogens would join in here and there on the Fender Rhodes as well. We played about an hour long set and then we changed the more recent ØSC line up with Jiri on Bass, Birk on drums, Nick on the guitar. Ola and I stayed on. We have two long jams and then PIB, who also has not played drums with us in nearly 2 years joined at the end. What a night but it was after 4 in the morning when Sebastian and I packed our stuff up and headed out. The rest actually kept on jamming until like 5:30 in the morning I was told. Far out.. A fantastic night and Mantric Muse is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can hear the ØSC set at this link.
 All photos by Sabine. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

UFOs over Ellmendingen- Live at Alien Rocket Flight Vol 2 (Kerntonschall Records 001)

This is a really cool record featuring Ax Genrich, The Pancakes and Zone Six live from Oct 14th, 2011. The A (Moon) side starts off with A Trip to Paradise by Ax and his current band.  The track starts slow and spaced spacey but slowly takes off with a few spoken words, a bass solo and then Ax takes the center stage and plays some really cool guitar. Great track. The Pancakes are next with Man on the Moon, which is features a lot of great psychedelic lead guitar playing and cool vocals as the singer is really good and passionate. The track must be 10 mins long but has a good mix of melodic singing, guitar parts and psychedelia. This is my favourite track on the record. Flip the record over to the UFO side and it starts with a track by the Pancakes called Elephant. The track is built on a repetitive guitar riff that drives it. Hypnotic stuff. A little guitar freakout at the end. Zone Six starts with some space sounds and a melodic guitar line slowly moves to the front. As soon as the jam takes off it is driven by Lulu’s bass line and Rainer's freaky guitar and will remind you of Electric Moon since it is basically all the same people and same concept. Sula plays the drums here though. Rainer is really freaking out on the guitar making this track quite spaced out. Crazy stuff.

The Pancakes/Magi Razzo Split LP (Kerntonschall Records)

This is an interesting split LP with the current Germany Psych band, The Pancakes (older material from 2005-2009) and some unreleased material by Magi Razzo from 1986! The record comes with a 2 sided insert for each band. The A side starts with 5 tracks of psychedelic garage rock by the Pancakes including the one called The too long fried hemp pancake woman. The Ghost is a funny track but it has you singing along, “Silly Ghost” by the end. The Hemp Pancake song is freaky, strange and a bit like surf psych stuff. I really like the long track Flying, which is more psychedelic and floating with some nice bendy guitar and a stoned nature. Hawaii and Banana are shorter 3-4min tracks. Hawaii is a funny track and Banana a mostly instrumental track with a repeated theme and again surf returns.

          Magi Razzo were a dada psychedelic band from Germany in the 80s. These 8 tracks were recorded on a 4 track tape machine in 1986. All the songs are sung in German so I have no idea what they sing about. Java Girl reminds me a bit of Hungarian music! Der Rhein ist tot is also a strange mix of surf calypso nonsense with some psychedelic guitar. I like the bass line. Melancholie 86 has a cool drive to it as well. Flashback No5 also returns to this slight surf psych feel and a really strange psychout section in this instrumental track. Wieder einmal is the longest track at 5mins. Silicon Orbit features that 13th floor elevator freaky jug sound but is pretty cool. Silcon Safer Sex part 1 ends the side and is a happy strange number that you want to whistle along with… Pretty strange but cool record especially if you like surf psych stuff and understand German!

HOUSE OF AQUARIUS- The World through bloodred Eyes (Electric Magic EMLP01 )

House of Aquarius was a special Swedish stoner rock band. They did not release that much material but this one has long been out of print (released in 2002) and this is the first time on vinyl on a new label started by Christian of Samsara Blues Experiment. It is 9 tracks with a diverse expression within the stoner rock genre. Lord of Vermin kicks in very powerful and you immediately get to hear the diversity in Mikael’s vocals. The riffs are pretty massive at times but this is balanced by more laid back melodic parts. This is a great number with really cool dynamics and lots of changes.  Rock and Roll Grandma and the KKK is a funny little track and I love when the wah solo just rips takes the band out on a jam at the end. It is quite unexpected. Fear no Evil starts with a solo guitar riff in a slow simple track with a passionate vocal before they kick in with the monster riff and groove to take it away in stoner headbanging fashion and the sound becomes really fuzzed out. Azteroid Zombiez has a heavy tuned down riff and a bouncy bass line that Thomas mixes playing straight riffs, and some different guitar ideas before the main riff returns. A short track. Cosmic Weed has a wah riff that leads the track. Very cool track.  Side B starts with Unholy with an uptempo track with an excellent guitar riff and groove, then a blues section and the head down groove with a short solo. Apes and Blood has a really killer spaced out mid section with a manic bass line. One of the more psychedelic tracks. Out of the hands of your God is probably the best track on the record and a great way to end. Starts as a Kyuss like track but then really goes psychedelic at the end. Pretty cool record..

ELECTRIC ORANGE- XX (Studio Fleisch SELP02/03)

The German Kraut rock band, Electric Orange are celebrating 20 years and so have released a new 4 song double LP to celebrate. Rumor has it they will play some more gigs next year to support this. The band has released a lot of cool and pretty diverse stuff over the years and is not afraid to step out the box and experiment either. The four sides of vinyl all have different black and white pictures but no other information so it is impossible to know what side is what since every side is just one long track around 20mins long. Anyway, the first side I put on (has a picture of some rodent) starts with a very slow stoned spacey jam, that slowly builds up as each member (Georg, Dirk, Tom and Dirk Jan) finds their way. It slows down to just some droning organ and guitar sound experiments and but before it totally dies out, the bass and drums return. Maybe this was supposed to be the last side you hear? Next side has a pictures of a piece of wood with some like dried cement on it. It starts very slow and spacey. The drum kicks in and tries to raise the tempo but the others resist and stay in drone mode. Slowly, the bass also tries to push the track forward, still the guitar and organ resist until the end and refuse to play a solid riff or join the groove. Next side (Mountain Goat picture) plays from the inside out and again is another organ drove thing to start but finally a real guitar solo slowly jams the track out. This one was pretty cool. Flip the record over and this is another starts with a real uptempo drum intro that ends after 15 seconds and the organ drone takes over but the kick drum keeps a rhythm as some of the other guys start to bubble up from the bottom and the guitar drones in as well. The guitar riff and spacey organ build this one up with a real feel of tension, like something menacing is about to happen and then it all fades away comes down at the end.

          This is a pretty strange stoned drone trip with not a lot of energy. I think a lot of people will not really dig it and might get bored unless they play it really loud and are really stoned, then you will hear it in another dimension…

Dust Storm Warning- Dust Storm Warning (Acid Cosmonauts ACD-001)

Dust Storm Warning is a pretty damn cool psychedelic stoner rock band from Italy. A four piece with bass, drums, guitar and vocals. Wolf has a pretty deep gruff voice but I really like his vocal delivery and feeling. The sound is dirty, heavy, raw stoner rock riffing with a mix of short and longer tracks. Outrun is a straightforward stoner rocker with a powerful vocal. Space Cubeship is tuned down, heavy, slow and mean. 666.1.333 starts with a coughing laugh as he took too big a bong hit before the hypnotic riff kicks in later on the band goes into a bit of a guitar solo jam section and then back to the riffs. Dune is nearly 8mins and starts slow with a heavy bass that slowly builds up and might remind some of Colour Haze at times but takes a really long time and never really goes anywhere interesting. Lonely Coyote is also 8mins and starts slow but by 1½ mins the main heavy parts kick in and then go up and down as the track evolves. Sherpa is another short improvised piece but it does not really go anywhere that interesting but serves to connect you with the Monkey Woman! This is a short 3 min hard rocking track with a slightly different sound production. Trippin’ the Drill has a really cool stoner rock riff that really gets you moving. Rise again returns to a cool groove and I like the guitar section but as on all these tracks the solos are so short. Cool riff. Wasteland is a sort of experimental track with a really cool beginning. Requiem is melodically sung and you would not even know it was the same singer at all. Cool way to end the CD. If you like the high energy stoner rock like Dozer, Deville, Magnified Eye you will dig these guys for sure. No offering anything really new but some kick ass songs and a pretty cool record. The digipack artwork is really excellent.  Oh yeah.. must be played LOUD.


The band is back with more material that was recorded at the session they did with John McBain and was first released on the Smoke Drip release. This is the 3rd release that I have reviewed but the band this year! The A side opens up Nor’ easter, a slow stoney build up. It features a dual guitars with one playing the main heavy stoned riff and the other complimenting with some wah and effects guitar. Photos of Photos is next and with some spacey keyboards and drones as the guitars slowly come in a noodling grateful dead like way. It stays this way til the end. Flip the record over and crank it up and you can really feel the feedback as the main riff starts to take hold in Space Treader. The layers of guitars are quite psychedelic on this one as McBain really adds to the bands mix. A really cool synthesizer solo takes the lead towards the end of this jam as the riff dies out. Wingspan is a slow floating drone trip to end the side. Now to the 12”, the A side (The one that got away McBain remix) was a perfect space out for the opening of Sunday morning but wow, this B side track is probably one of the best things and the coolest guitar psychout that has ever appeared by this band. What an amazing cool jam on Pink Floyd's When you’re In (Live from Roadburn Festival) that makes this package all worth it. Really great stuff. I was there as well!

THE SNAILS- S/T CD (Action Records)

The Snails are a Greek 60’s style garage rock band. They released their debut 7” Heartbreaker on Action Records last year. The record is a mix of original music and three cover songs (I’m Five years ahead of my Time, Gypsy Woman and Satisfaction Guaranteed). 14 tracks in 41mins starting off with the cool track, Sidewalk.  I like the hard surf garage riff and harmonica solo. The Third bardo cover was short and straightforward. Tramp has a reverb guitar line and cool bass line. Tide and Coffin both see the return of the harmonica. Pollution is one of the more psychedelic tracks. Surfazat ends this pretty cool CD with an instrumental surf track. If you like 60s garage surf psych stuff. Digipack CD comes with a small sticker as well. 


I did not hear the bands last CD (Superautobahn) but recently got this one (thanks Niko) when I was in Croatia for the first time. It was released earlier this year on the Sulatron label in Germany. IN starts the record off with a some spacey voice and then kicks into the main melodic riff that the track is built on when they repeat as the intensity builds. . Next is the long title track AUM and this is really an amazing track with some killer guitar playing. In the middle a sort of like vocal drone section takes your attention away before it really builds up again and Niko just rips it up big time on the guitar. It goes through a lot more changes in this really complex track and ends with the vocal ommmmmmm.  Wow. Side B starts with In, a noisy spacey loud mildly violent feedback drenched drone.. This leads into the very uptempo track, Rock ist Krieg. It has a very complex rhythm and dynamic and then it breaks out into some really intense guitar soloing and then the next section the drummer and bass player lay down this super powerful stuff and Niko spaces out with a slide guitar section and back out into a powerful riff that is repeated and then it has a slow painful death. Out starts with a lead guitar riff that is repeated over and over again and there is a like distant vocal ethereal vocal melody that makes it pretty psychedelic and trippy. The guitar line evolves slightly over time. Seven that Spells does it again with a damn cool record with some new fresh blood including an American bass player named Jeremy White.


Scabsmoker is a pretty new three piece band from Canada. This is their first cassette release on the Prairie Fire label. It is a one sided tape with 6 tracks of intense stuff.  It starts pretty far out and psychedelic with a lot of twisted, distorted sounds and a freaky keyboard line. A spoken word line comes in but you can really hear it over the ever increasing noise intensity that is building up. A slow heavy noisy guitar riff with lots of sustain is used to build the track with the occasional cough or other vocal utterance until the real singing, screaming kicks in. Might remind people of Cough, a more tortured less psychedelic and more low fi Sons of Otis at times. You have to be really patient for this band but then the band just takes off and spaces out. It is all very raw in its recording quality. The sound quality changes quite a bit for the better half way through the tape but also becomes a bit more normal for the track Black Queen. The Abyss is like hardcore punk, very raw and fast. Butcher of Demons has a cool bass line to start and then they take off. Very raw sound and frantic vocals. They slow down to more slow doomy parts as well and then take off again and add some cool effects on the voice at times as well. Death by natural Causes is slower from the start with a slow vocal delivery with delay. I like the feel on this track as it stays slow and doomy throughout. Call of the First Aethyr ends this cassette. If you can handle the raw sound this tape delivers some intense stuff…

Friday, November 9, 2012

GOLDEN VOID- Golden Void (Thrill Jockey)

Golden Void is the new band from Isaiah, lead guitarist in Earthless. He has joined with some dudes and one gal from the SF bay area that he went to junior and high school with and created a melodic hard rock band where he sings and plays all the guitar. He is backed up by Aaron Morgan on bass, Justin Pinkerton on drums and Camilla Saufley-Mitchell (Assemble Head of Sunburst Sound) on Hammond and Rhodes. If you are expecting anything like Earthless, then you will be disappointed. There are not that many guitar solos, which I was really disappointed in but there are some great songs and I like his singing. The opening track gives you an idea of the overall style of the record and features some great organ playing and a really ripping massive solo (but this is the only one like it on the whole record). Virtue has a harder edge riff but it mellows out quite a bit and is pretty melodic except when they bring back the cool guitar riff. He plays a short wah solo at the end of the track. Jetsun Dolma is more laid back and features the Fender Rhodes and a cool wah guitar riff as Isaiah tells his story. I like this track. Badlands has the same singing style as the others but a more complex interaction between the organ and guitar and some intense drumming. Both the tracks from the 7” released last year start the B side of the record. I already reviewed this record here. The Curve is a totally amazing track and still probably the best the band has done. Atlantis ends the record. This is a slow building track that has a very cool guitar riff and the Hammond comes back in strong on this one. The vocals play a big role in this track especially at the end of the track where the riff is played over and over and the same vocal line is sung over and over until it is the only thing left and all else fades away. A pretty cool record that really grows on you. Here is a great interview if you want to learn more about the band.


Jakob is best known in the world as the drummer with the Danish outfit, Causa Sui. On the side he has been involved in a number of electronic projects such as September. This is his first solo record on the Causa Sui label, El Paraiso Records. It is pressed on blue vinyl in 500 copies. The record 4 tracks on each side and is pretty short, totally playing time less than 30 minutes. Tune in (55 seconds) starts things off. It is all basically performed on old analog synthesizers (Moog, Sequential Circuits, etc). Tune In is quite far out. Prophet uses repetitive loops and layers and is going back to the real old spacey sounds of the early 70’s Germany synth space explorers like Klaus Schultze. It is that same vibe. Rates is a more melodic symphonic like piece with a lot of spacey sounds. Longevity Suite is the one you can hear on the label web site and the longest track on the record at 7½ mins. Again, this takes you back to the early synth pioneers from the 70s. Cool stuff. Side B starts with a more high tempo synth space out that fades into space before the next track, In Between which leads into Legacy Lost (6mins). This one has a really nice melody that follows the repeated synth programmed drone and it ends with some delays on some of the sounds. Echoes is a short repeated lush drone piece to settle your mind at ease.  If you dig old school stuff like Cluster check this out.


I have not really been too fond of the direction this band has taken after the first three brilliant records but I decided I would give this new one a chance. I can see it has many songs, which is not really a good sign for me. As always, nearly all the songs are sung in Spanish. The band is still a three piece although Xtian, who played on the first 3 records guests on the title track. Anyway, the record is a pretty intense uptempo psychedelic garage rock experience I would say, moving away from the space rock of the early days. Occassionally the band slows the pace a bit and there are some spacey effects mixed in like on Care and Trust (sung in English) and the very short Aparecidos, which has an almost reggae like skank riff and the ending track, El Apego. The title track is quite stoned and features acoustic guitar and Xtian making some electronic sounds like he did in the old days.  Flip the record over and kick into the high energy track Underground! It features some really spaced out effected vocals. The Unrest has a cool riff and spacey effect and is quite intense psychedelic stuff. Green Smoke is a more laid back and melodic track and really changes the vibe of the record. Grita goes back to the garage psych feel and is high energy.  It is more diverse than the last record but I still dig the first three way more. The vinyl comes in clear and black and it also has a nice insert with the lyrics and pics of the band.


Glitter Wizard is a San Francisco band who I have been following and I just happen to hear they had a new 7” out, so I picked it up. It is two tracks, both recorded in 2011 and features some pretty far out black and white artwork. Horses is a pretty frantic track with some crazy parts like a more insane Danava. Pretty raw sound production and some cool guitar and organ parts and a great jam for a 7”. Flip the record over and you have Fire! It is also a high energy psychedelic track with some cool organ stuff. The band continue on their unique psychedelic trip.. The band has a new record Hunting Gatherers due out in Nov 2012.

DUSTY SKULL- TOSSED AND LOST 7” (Outer Battery Records OBR3)

Dusty Skull is a collaboration with members of Witch, Lecherous Gaze, the Ruffians and Isaiah from Earthless on Vocals (no guitar). Tossed and Lost starts things off and is a bit inspired by Southern rock! The track is pretty melodic and almost happy mainstream but the riff becomes a bit heavier towards the end and they experiment a bit which is pretty cool. Side B has the track called My Fang. It is a more uptempo boogie rock track but keeping with the same feel but no real jam or extended solos on this one. More straightforward. Fans of Stone Axe will probably dig this. I wonder if they will make a full record or already have?


Oak is a new four piece group from Stockholm playing spacey sludge doom stuff.  This is a one sided tape and has some really cool stuff on it. The tapes starts off with The Obligation to Endure, a straightforward DOOM track but a bit rawer than most you hear these days. Vocal is not mixed that high. The long mid-section is a really nice melodic guitar part (no solo), just a nice slow building riff and at the end some sort of other instrument that sounds like that Indian one that BONG uses can be heard. Great Shrines starts with a synth drone stuff and then the eastern theme enters and then fades as the drums just stay steady. realms of the Soil is a really long track that is very BONG inspired and starts with  monster riff but maintaining that Eastern feel from the previous track. It does remind of BONG but it is not nearly as heavy but this track is just as repetitive and lacking in guitar solos just two guitars playing the same heavy stoned doom riff over and over and over… I miss the solos badly but still dig the sound these guys have.  Flip the tape and you start with the long track No Birds Sing. It is a slow quite melodic but still heavy track but going towards a more post rock like vibe but not quite. Still has a dark mysterious edge to it. Towards the end of the track there is a short melodic guitar solo, so at least one of the guitar players can play some lead. Indiscriminately from the Skies is a beautiful, heartfelt guitar piece clearly about the inhuman use of drones to kill people. Obama should for sure be put in front of the Hauge for war crimes but it ain’t gonna happen. Great song. The tape ends with Nature fights back. This is more menacing as the title suggests and a shorter instrumental doom piece. There are only 150 copies of this one, so get it fast.. Cool tape.. I dug it..  Hope we can get these guys down to Heavy Days in Doomtown 2013…

JUSTREB- S/T CD (Hau Ruck HR!109)

 Justreb is a new band from Niko, guitarist and wild genius behind Seven that Spells. The CD is one 37min long repetitive journey. The track is clearly inspired by Pharoah Overlord. The track starts off spacey and then the main guitar riff that is repeated over and over kicks in. The track has some slow variations and some cool spacey stuff is added from time to time to keep the track interesting. I actually thought this was pretty damn cool. If you are a fan of Pharoah Overlord’s early works, you will dig this. It was released on a cassette as well.


This is the 2nd release by Horders (first was a split tape with Pink Priest). The cassette or LP features guest spots by members of THE BURDEN, 50/50, and WITHDRAWAL. It is made in an edition of 100 copies. It features like 14 tracks on one side of a cassette. Some of the songs have live drums but most don’t according to the tape info. Anyway, World without End start things off and is pretty raw, rehearsal room raw, very loud, repetitive heavy riffage stuff where the guitar is the most well recorded instrument, the be the drums and bass (if there is any?) are often far away. Next, they can come back at you with some acoustic guitars where you feel you out in the deep forest. They use some interesting sound samples as well such as cows and night time in the great outdoors. A few spoken word samples appear as well but they are mixed pretty far out there so hard to identify. A piano is also included on one of the tracks. Ambient, experimental acoustic noise music. It is also released on a 12" vinyl LP courtesy of the UK's FEAST OF TENTACLES, housed in a gatefold jacket with full color inside and screen printed black inner sleeves (edition of 100 on clear vinyl, 400 black). all design and layout by GIVE UP.

Haiku Funeral- Nightmare Painting (Aesthetic Death ADCD025)

Haiku Funeral is back with their third scary as hell release just in time for Halloween. The lyrics are a bit more erotic, twisted and sometimes more evil and scary than before. The music is bass lines combined with some spaced out vocals mixed with a more normal spoken word voice (William) with some programmed drums and a lot of cool keyboards, sound effects, etc.. by Dimitar. Anyway, it is 10 tracks in 43mins so more focused and not as long tracks as in the past. The CD starts things off with a really spacey feel, deep bass, and whispered words at first. Blacklight Amniotic Erotica sung by William has really killer bass playing and the words are in a spoken word style. Then Dimitar comes in with the very evil voice and more spaced out sounds. Scorpion Ritual features some really intense bass playing and also drum (sampled) backed up by crazy stuff. Behemoth Rising slows things down some and again they share the vocals. The store that unfolds is far out, evil, disturbing. Raining Nightbirds is one of the longer tracks (6mins) and a really slow psychedelic track. The Flags of a new Empire Burn brings back the intensity. Death Poem is a short track which is followed by Heavy Breasted Innocence. This has a really groovy bass line that drives the track while Dimitar adds the necessary ambience. Your heart a black Tunnel has a spacey drone that starts as the drum track keeps a steady rhythm and William takes the first vocals. Spaced.. The last track, Damnation is sung in another language… very spacey this last track. A very difficult to describe band and totally unique. If you take the lyrics very serious it could damage your mental state and cause you to do terrible things. You have been warned… This would be pretty intense stuff for Roadburn.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Øresund Space Collective European Tour Oct 2012


This is the first big ØSC tour, 6 concerts in 10 days plus one at Loppen when we get home for the Give your Brain a rest from the Matrix CD release party. I flew down to Zagreb to spend some days with my girlfriend Sue and to rest my back before the tour. The rest of the guys are driving to Croatia.


The guys drove for nearly 20 hrs to get to Austria and to crash with the guys from Go Banana’s the local band that is hosting the show in Salzburg on the 18th. The guys said they were all really cool but they were having a huge party and wanted to have a jam session but the band really just wanting to sleep. They hung out for a bit and then crashed out. The entourage was: Mogens- Synth, Jiri- bass, jocke- bass, Mathias- guitar, Nick- guitar, Birk- Drums, Sabine- photographer, sales person, roadie, and Dr. Space..


The guys got off to quite a late start and when Sue and I arrived at the Medika venue at 17, the Fjodor guys were not there and the guys said they were not going to arrive until at least 18. The sound guy took Sue and me to a German style beer bar and then he went home. We had a really nice fish and chips dinner with some local draft beer that was really good and then went back to the venue. 18:30, the band said they were in Zagreb but hopelessly lost. It took them about an hour before they did arrive at the venue. Everyone was really relaxed and so it was not a big deal but still they were very frustrated after doing around and being lost. We really needed a GPS but no one owns a car and wants to put out the money but we are already paying the price and Fjodor said these other countries are much more difficult without one. At 19, the Pitsome guy arrived with the long sleeve tour shirts and wow. They turned out really fantastic. I am very satisfied with them. Niko from 7that Spells also dropped by for a bit but could not stay. 

21:40 We are finally soundchecking and all is going well but it takes a long time. Quite a few people already showing up this is nice. Fjodor guys are all cool and just getting high and waiting for their turn to soundcheck and play. The vegan food everyone said was really excellent. Sabine and I have set up all the merchandise but I wonder if we will sell anything??

22:15 We finally finish a very long soundcheck. It is insanely loud on the stage. Not sure what we are going to do about that. This will kill our ears if the whole tour is like this. They are multitrack recording the show tonight as well and I have set up my mics to record as well but it is quite a booomy sound at the back of the hall. 

24 Fjodor played a great concert and it was all just jamming and they had a different keyboard player from the last time they played and also a guy playing a Cajun (drum box). They really spaced out and played very intensely. It was just 3 tracks for about an hour. The room was really packed with people as well. Good crowd. We set up really fast since it was all the same gear almost. 

03:15 Wow.. What a fucking intense concert! We really blasted them and got into full trance mode at the end of the show. Nick really played some killer guitar riffs and Mathias some cool spacey stuff. Jiri and Jocke switched off every other jam or so and Bark was amazing. He really had the groove and knew how and when to push and pull. People really dug the concert and were dancing like crazy in the front. Sabine shot some video at the beginning of the show and lots of pics. I think we played like 6 jams around 2hrs. I also recorded the show from the audience. 

OSC Zagreb
Here is a Lnk to  hear the concert. Enjoy.

Day 2

11:15 I arrived back at the venue and the guys were all packing the van and did an amazing job. Wow, Jiri… great work. They are all a bit tired as well but everyone is happy and in a good mood. It is totally grey again. I have been in Croatia for 4 days and never seen the sun. 

13:06 We are driving through Croatia on our way to Serbia It is all pretty flat right now with some forests and small towns here and there and farm land. Highway is pretty good and we are just cruising. Not sure what is playing on the CD player but there are only speakers in the front and they sound like crap anyway. Birk has his own music and headphones one, Mattias is sleeping, Mogens tries to sleep as well. Only, Sabine, Nick, Jiri and I are awake. Jiri looks really tired though… We are still not sure if we will crash in Serbia or not. NO word from the guys in Belgrade. 

14 We are half way to Belgrade now. Jocke is driving and we are listening to Ozric Tentacles. WE just had a coffee and tea break. Paid 40 kuna for one tea and 6 coffees. My back is feeling pretty good and we are making good progress.

Serbia Border Crossing
15:17 We are stuck at the Serbian border. The people are cool but we don’t have the correct stamps on our ATA carnet. The guy at the Croatian border did not stamp it and now it gives us trouble all the way. We met some really cool people from a Macedonian band and they were just coming home from being on tour for a few weeks. Sasko something. We exchanged CDs . 

16:16 We finally get out of here. We had trouble also finding the car registration which they wanted to see. We heard some of this Sakso band and it was not our type of music. Someone said it was like Pet shop boys or something… We made it through like 2 songs.. That was enough. They also gave us a cd by another young Macedonian band called Culture Development. 

18 We are in the center of Belgrade. The drive in was really beautiful across these bridges and you could see parts of the city. It is a big city with a  river running through the middle like so many European capitals. Yonico from Temple of the Smoke is coming to the bus stop where we are stopped to meet us in his car and then we will follow him to his place. The sky is really strange here like a mixture of smoke, pollution and mist or fog. Does not smell really terrible. 

20:00 we are all relaxing and had some beers. He brought back like 10 beers for less than 2€. That was cheap. We have ordered some pizza and lasagne as people are hungry. Some of us will stay here while others are going to go into town with the Temple guys who are supposed to meet an Australian music promoter who does gigs in Europe and Australia. We take it really easy. He has a nice apartment and plenty of space for us to sleep. Everyone is in a good mood. Pity we could not have a gig this night. 

21:00 Wow.... we watched that crazy Austrian guy Felix jump from 38km above the earth and land in New Mexico. That was insane...  We will have to dedicate a song to him...

Day 3

8:30 We are all up and soon Mogens and the others will arrive to pick us up and we have to repack the van. The Serbian guys from Temple of the Smoke are super cool people. We had a comfortable place to stay and everyone is doing ok. We need to set off for Bulgaria as soon as we can. Not sure what we will do for breakfast but I think we still have some things in the van. My back is ok but I need to get it up and walk around now. I did some stretches. 

9:25 We are on the road towards Nis which is half way to Sofia, Bulgaria. Mogens has downloaded a detailed map of this area now so we should not have a problem with getting super lost. We will see. We need gas so it will be interesting to see what that will cost. 

9:45 We paid about 90€ for 57L of gas. I wonder how the normal people afford that? It is pretty expensive considering that everything else here is so cheap. Crazy… Jiri drives really fast so we will make good time while he drives. half the band is sleeping now and we hear no music, which is a bit strange. I need to have music if I drive. Mogens downloaded a detailed map of the region to his Iphone so we should not have as many problems now. It strangely shows where you are even when the phone has no internet connection, which is a bit creepy..

11:30 We are making good time and are in Nis, Serbia for a lunch break. 

12:39 We had a bit too long of a break now and have 162km to Sofia but still have to pass the border. The food was cheap. Paid like 27€ for 4 coffee, tea, two cokes two sandwiches, and three like meals with French fries, sausage, or chicken and some veggies. 

13:30 Fantastic autumn colours and really beautiful drive at the moment. We are listening to Korai Orom and it is perfect for this scenery. Roads are getting pretty rough now. We also heard Tommy Bolin and friends earlier and Stone The Crows BBC sessions Disc 1. Only 82km to go. 

14 We are now at the Bulgarian Border and had to park the van. See how long this will take. 

15 It was slow but it all went fine. Seems my passport was the only one that got a stamp. 

16:30 We are a bit late but Cvetan is about to meet us at the National Football stadium and he will take me to the Bulgarian National radio to do a live interview that will be streaming on the internet. His girlfriend will take the rest to the club to set up and do the soundcheck. 

18 Wow… that was a trip. Did a fun interview with three young Bulgarian girls. two asked questions and one did the translation. They were very well researched and asked good intelligent questions. I was really hot and sweaty and thirsty but I think it went well. 

19 We had a nice soundcheck and the club is really nice but has no backstage room. Sound was really good 
on the stage but I only recorded 5mins of the soundcheck. The guy doing the visuals has a very nice set up and it looks great so far. He incorporates a lot of stuff from our record covers, logos, etc….Sadly we cannot start too early and some friend of Cvetan (Paolo) will do an electronic set before us for like 45 mins. 

Surbahar (Pavolet)
21:30 Pavolet is about to start. Everyone is in a great mood. Cvetan’s girlfriend took us to a fantastic Bulgarian food restaurant, A lot of us had soap and different kinds of vegetable dishes. I also had a fish. IT was all really good. We had some decent Bulgarian beer as well on tap,. It is pretty cool that the show is going to be broadcast live on the National radio. The first hr live and later, he will stream the rest. We will get a copy in some weeks. 

00:30 We played a really fantastic gig for about 1hr and 45mins just before midnight we had to stop. People really enjoyed it. I guess there were about 100 people. We had one crazy guy who bought 3 shirts and all the cds and  one LP as well. We actually sold quite a lot of stuff considering. I was pretty happy. Met so many nice people. 

02:00 We got the 300€ for the gig now as well. The entire band are staying at the Art Hostel that was near the restaurant while there was no space left there so Sabine and I get to go to a hotel. I am really surprised as it is like a super nice three star hotel. We have separate rooms but the entire band could have slept in one of the rooms. It was a long day and I am quite tired. 
OSC Sofia
Day 4

10:00  Slept well but still not enough sleep. Sabine and I will go to breakfast now. Cvetan will come get us at the hotel and we will drive back to the hostel and get the others. We have to be on the road by 12:30 at the latest. We are supposed to be in Kumonovo for the gig by 17 if possible.

11:30 Had a huge breakfast with ham and cheese omelette, fresh fruit, juice, croissant, etc.. Sabine had one piece of bread with butter and coffee and they took all the food away and closed the buffet.. She was too slow. 

12:37 We are still at the Hostel, things are going slowly. Jocke stepped in some dogshit and they are cleaning his shoe now as he can’t get in the van with that. I bought some really cool ceramic glasses for like tea or coffee. Really nice and cheap for this quality stuff. 

15:46 We got some gas and all went well to the border but now, it is totally crazy. They say we need to pay 210€ for insurance for the vehicle to drive in Macedonia since our insurance will not cover us. This is an insane amount of money and we won’t pay that. We only get 100€ for the gig. We called Vlatko and talked with them and nothing happened for hours. Then we got a really nice guy who explained everything and it seems that the rental company screwed up and did not issue us this green card for the vehicle. He said we should be able to get them to pay the 50€ that we had to pay now. Anyway, we can finally go. 

Band at Macedonian Restaurant
16:36 We should have been there already. It goes so slow. It was only 190km from Sofia but it has taken us like 4½hrs and we still have 30km and you have to drive so slow through the mountains on these small quite poor roads. Vlatko is aware of the problems and very cool about it. We are supposed to drive into town and find the Irish bar and call him.

20:00 We finally got to the club and we just loaded all the gear in and Vlatko and his friends took us out to a traditional Macedonian restaurant. They served us their local schnapps, beer, huge platters of veggies, sausages, bread and this amazing spicy Ivar like stuff. It was the best I had ever had. I had no idea that they were into spacey food in this country. That is great. I wonder if they have a Macedonian restaurant in London? We had a really good time and were in a good mood for the show.

Nick on Guitar
OSC Kumanovo
00:06 It was a very loud concert tonight and the guy who did the visuals showed really strange movies and stuff but it was cool. We perhaps had too much to drink and were a bit too relaxed and did not take the time we need for the soundcheck so it was a very difficult concert tonight. No one could hear Mathias, I was totally blasted but the bass and Nick’s guitar so could not hear Mogens and hardly myself. We only  played like 4 jams total for about 1hr 45mins.. Unfortunately, I only got 81mins recorded. Vlatko filmed the first hr with a very nice camera but it was very  dark a lot of the time. I would say the club was 85% full. A lot of people for a Tuesday night. 60-70 people but really into the show and music. A lot of smiling faces. We had a girl and his boyfriend who sang but Mogens shut off the mic which was ok. At the end of the night though they had been in a fight and she was very sad on a step outside so I spoke to her and gave her a couple of hugs. She needed it. Nice to see people dancing as well. Fun night and you can hear the concert at the link

02:00 After the gig we had to drive about 20km out to the middle of nowhere to this motel to crash. It was an interesting drive, glad that Jiri was driving and not me. Crazy bad roads, dark, a bit forested, lots of corners, etc… Anyway, it was a cool place. I crashed out right away but some stayed up drinking with the nice people from the gig. what an experience. 

Day 5

Band in the nature in Macedonia
9:30 I had a room with Mattias, who is a really quiet and nice guy. I walked around in this very rural place in Macedonia. A small stream running through, geese, dogs, almost n people. A like crazy guy who seem to be working for low wage for the owner of this place herding the animals and cleaning up. These countries are so trashed, just trash all over, like no one cares. Sadly only ¾ of the show was recorded. I transferred it to the computer and it sounded much better than I though and it was like 81mins. We have to get the guys up as it will be a long day.

12:30 We had some coffee, tea and breakfast (cheese omelettes with some tomatoes) and it was very expensive, 1800 Macedonian dinar. like 30€)… We were ripped off for sure.. Oh well. Amazing weather. We took a band photo by the stream.

15:37 It went pretty fast at the Macedonia- Serbia border. It is a nice drive through the mountains in Serbia but so slow going. We still have like 60km to Nis on our way to Zagreb. We took a really nice break at a small place called Tagovisa in Serbia. 

17 We are stopped about 200km from Belgrade, so that is still till Zagreb. It will be very late at this rate. 

20:21 We are waiting at the Serbian border. The customs guy was really funny and joking with us. We need this stamp on the ATA carnet document and he told us we had to do it like 10km back, but it was a joke. Anyway, we got through quite fast. But now we have to pass the Croatian border now. 

22:10 We are in some small Croatian town and going to an Italian restaurant as we are all starving and have not had any real meal since lunch. We are surviving on nuts, fruit, chips, sometimes not that healthy. Still 150km to Zagreb.

23 The pizza in this place was really good actually. I paid the bill for everyone. 260 kuna. It is about 1-1 to Danish kroner. 

01:45 We are finally near Aljosha’s mom’s place. Mathias, Sabine and I are sleeping with one of Aljosha’s friends. His apartment is pretty disgusting. Has not been cleaned up in years and he has a cat that apparently just pees, poops wherever it likes as it really smells strongly in this place. We will leave the window open all night for sure! That was a hell of a long drive and day... 

Day 6

8:15 Fuck… We had no choice but to get up as we have to get to the club by 15 at the latest for soundcheck. People are quite tired and were really cranky the last evening as we were in the van for 12 hrs yesterday. That was a hell drive. I am really tired. 

10:15 We are at the Slovenia border and it took some time which I did not really understand why it was so slow. That was the last time we had to deal with the ATA carnet. Sunny day and a lot of discussion in the van about the bad show in Macedonia since no one could hear each other well but we accepted that we were really to blame for not taking the time to get the sound right, when we could have if we had just taken the time. People were too tired, had too much to drink at the dinner, etc…  let’s see the recording says? We have 300km to go. 

12 We stopped for gas close to the Austrian border. 83€ to fill the tank with gas. 200km to go. This was an amazing drive through the mountains in Slovenia towards Austria. Wow..

15 We drove through these amazing mountain landscapes like out of a postcard (as Matthias said). There was fresh snow on the ground when we came out of one of the mountain tunnels and everything was white which was quite a shock. I am wearing shorts! We arrived 1hr late and the BW guys are soundchecking first since we are late. Oh well. What a totally cool theatre in the basement of a church. First time we play in Church. This part of town is really amazing and they have done a lot of cool things to decorate the theatre. Baby Woodrose guys are in a good mood and had a great show the night before in a sort of Christiania like squat place in Wien (Vienna). 

17:15 We finished a quite difficult soundcheck. The young guy doing sound is very inexperience. This is only his third time doing sound. He basically does not really know what to do. I think it will be totally pointless anyway since Go bananas will set up now and chance everything. Baby Woodrose played Disconnected and Volcano at their soundcheck. Had a nice talk with Guf and the guys and Henrik, who does the driving. I decided to record the show from up front and not at the back as the sound was not good. The PA speakers are not that good and are spaced too far apart. Go Bananas guys are so nice. Hubert and Wolfmaster as so cool. They said that some people in the world if they could have any band in the world come play for them they would choose Metallica or someone like that but for them, we are the band! They listen to us every week. Wow.. that is so fucking cool. 

Go Bananas (psychedelic stoner rock)
18:45 They have opened the door now and Go Bananas will start at 19:45. They have a lot of strange merchandise. They have banana scented condoms, pins, cool small posters, handmade double lps, with only 99 copies. I traded Wolfmaster for one. Andi and Peter showed up now to set up their cameras for filming the show. They will use 5 cameras, wow… Everyone is so kind here and so happy that we are here. It  is like dream come true for them. We just had some lasagne and beer. 

20:15 Go Bananas have a really cool visuals and play pretty cool melodic, spacey heavy stoner rock stuff with a lot of cool parts. Sound is not very good though unless you are close to the stage. I guess there are 100 people here now. They clearly have a good local finding. Baby Woodrose are at the hotel and most of the band is outside hanging out and smoking. Nick has not eaten anything in nearly a day. 

21:45 Baby Woodrose are rocking the place right now and the people are really into it. Very cool and totally different visuals. I had not seen BW for a couple of years now and they still sound great and it is cool with the dual guitars. They have a more full sound. Anders has really improved the sound. They played a lot of songs like opening jam, What a burn, disconnected, drowning man, volcano, baby woodrose, You own it, Bullshit detector>long jam plus many other songs. It was a 75min set. Crowd loved it. 

01:15 Even though BW gave us some extra time, it was complete chaos setting all our stuff again and the young sound guy did not know how to give us any monitor sound, etc.. Nick and Mogens were very slow getting set up and we were all standing around waiting and Mogens had this annoying buzz in his line. I had to run out and get Anders from Baby Woodrose to take control and help this guy out. Within 15mins, all was fine and we could actually start to play on a few mins later than planned. I think we played 75mins only though as this all took way too long. They had really cool space visuals, a lot of people took pictures, etc.. 50% of the crowd was gone now probably as it was a Thursday night. 

OSC Banana Space Festival, Salzburg
I think this was the worst show of the tour so far. Nick was totally in another world after smoking joints and drinking beers with the locals all day and did not seem inspired at all. Mogens also seemed really not into playing at first. Mattias was just amazing as always. I did my thing and tried to fit in. Let’s see what the recording will says as it could also be the best. You really can have a different opinion afterwards. Unfortunately, there was a quite wasted guy and his girlfriend who kept standing in front of the mics and they were just talking all the time. I even had to jump off the stage and ask them to move. It was really fun to play for these people that were just so into it. People were dancing and really focused and that was cool. The people loved the show so many we were better than I perceived it. We had to end just at 01:00. 

Check out the show here! 

02:00 We are finally at the place we will crash about 20km away. Again. Mattias, Sabine and I will had a real house while the others are in the rehearsal room of Go Bananas. I feel a bit bad but it is for sure best for my back to have a better place to sleep. The guys will be able to get shower at the place tomorrow. 

Day 7

10:30 Had a small breakfast and then we had to get going. We are now at the Go Bananas rehearsal place getting the other guys and then back to the venue to get the gear and stuff. pack and go. Amazing weather today and the view of the mountains and the colours of the trees is just fantastic. 

12 We were at the store buying some food to eat in the van on the way. People are in a good mood even though this was the 2nd day with only 6hrs sleep. Some can sleep in the van but I cannot so it takes it’s tool. Nick bought no food. Has already had two beers today. Not sure how he does it. 

1:06 The traffic getting out of this area was crazy and lots of road work in Austria all the time. took 1hr to go like 20km. Now we can finally getting going. 

2:25 We just had a break and have about 200km to go to Feldkirsch. We are passing through Innsbruck and it is amazingly breath-taking here. So beautiful. We have heard Seun Kuti and Korai Öröm 95. Great stuff. 

16:20 Wow…we are actually early for a gig and did not get really lost either! Amazing weather and this was the easiest drive for sure. The gig is in a basement. It will be really hot in there.

19:10 We are finished with the soundcheck and it took some time. I had to take the soundman to go pick up the mixer and he said it was 10mins but it was like 20km away in the countryside and the van got assaulted by cows!!!!!!!!!!! They just came out of nowhere. One smashed into the side of the van and made a small scratch with its chain on its neck. All is cool. The soundman was complaining that we played so loud but Mogens and Jiri were out in the room and it was not that loud. He has too sensitive ears for this job. The guys from Stator who open the show and run this cool underground club are super nice people. 

21:15 A decent crowd but Stator has still not started yet. I am really tired and since is is so smoky down stairs I am mostly hanging out upstairs in a backstage room. We have plenty of food, beer, fruit, water, etc… We had a veggie lasagne that was ok. Filling. Mathias is playing some guitar for us in the back stage stuff like Funky 47 by James gang, All Right Now vby Free, etc… We laugh and joke quite a lot. I think Sabine gets a kick out of it that we are not so serious. A bit mad, perhaps. 

01:39 This was for sure the best gig of the tour. Nick was on top and focused and not so out of it, which was great. We played two sets of about 65mins each and the people really loved it. I guess there was about 70 people or something. We sold quite a few things, I guess about 3-400€. Great… We need to. I was so exhausted by the end of the night I just had to crash now after I packed up my gear. 

You can relive or hear the show for the first time here!

 Day 8 

9:45 People are slowly rising up. Nearly everyone agrees that last night was the best show pity it was not one of the ones that was mulittracked or filmed. Funny, but last night there was not a single person taking pictures or filming besides Sabine. I did not see one. No one on cell phones, people just into it and having a good time in the local club. Another beautiful sunny day but I splet terrible. I will need some coke today for sure. Coke a cola, that is….

01:00 We just had the last break and are about 120km from Würzburg. Weather is amazing. I spoke to Horst on the phone and all is on order and the soundman will be there at 16 latest. The bad news is that Kozmik Klaus had to cancel his light show and there were only like 50 pre- sale tickets but we hope more people show up. Thierry and Wah wah TV people will film and multitrack record the show. That is great. I hopoe we will play well tonight. Vibravoid open the show.  We have heard Jefferson Airplane and Kansas today in the van. Pity there might not be any visuals tonight, especially when they are going to film the show. 

16:05 We arrived fine ad are setting up for the soundcheck. Horst will be here about 16:45. It is really hot in the club. We have a great place to set up the merch tonight as well. 

18:15 Vibravoid is soujdchecking now. They are really nice guys and wer are sharing the drum kit and bass amp and they will let us use some of their visual projectors but not all of them.  The pizza will arrive in a few minutes. The mood is good Soundcheck went pretty well.

18:55 Vibravoid are playing and fuck, they are so amazing. They opened with Astronomy Domine by Pink Floyd. I guess about 50 people are here. They did not play some of the songs I expected and they ended with a long freakout version of Mother Sun by CAN. Amazing band. 
01:00 Well, that was the last show of the tour. We started about 20:30 and the first stet was more or less a disaster. Mogens was having huge problems with his gear (monitor died, his delay unit is fucking up). Nick was in a strange stoned-out of it state and could not get enough volume, broke a string and just walked off in the middle of a jam, which was really annoying. He could have waited until the jam ended. He was in his own zone and did not think about it was being filmed and recorded,.. just left… We have an ok opening jam but it was not that good. The 2nd set was when we really got going but this was also when Mogens had to replace his delay. The sound was finally good for everyone on the stage. The crowd was really digging what we were doing, especially Horst, who was really so happy we were there playing for him again. He even invited us back to the Psychedelic Network Nov 6th, 2013. We will be the first band to play twice! Wow… People are really buying out records today and also shirts. So nice. 
OSC Cafe Cairo, Würzburg
The 2nd to last track in the 3rd set was one of the most amazing pieces of music we played on the tour, Nick played just a mindblowing beautiful guitar solo. I was blown away and then Mathias tried to follow and was also brilliant. The sets on my recorder were 65, 72 and 51min but my recorded had stopped so I am sure I missed some of the end. Horst he also recorded the show as well as the multitrack. Lots of other pics and video were taken as well. It was a great night a fantastic venue to play. It was after 2 when we crashed at the hostel. I was totally busted. 

Check out this cool long show.....Here..

Day 9

We were up at 8 to get on the road to catch the ferry to Denmark from Germany at 18:15, one of the few times that I could book as they were all booked up. 

10:00 We are just leaving now, 30mins later than we had planned I will drive fast. I always drive first as it is good for my back and I am usually fresh tos tart the day compared to the others. No one has been drunk or hung over the entire tour but they smoke way too much and this probably takes several hrs out of our days, playing time, etc…  It would be so nice to have a tour with no smokers. 

14:00 Sabine is driving into Hamburg. We are about 120km away so this is good time. We need to leave her place for the ferry no later than 16. A bit before if possible. Listened to Pothead, Justtreb (new band from Niko from 7 that Spells). Amazing weather today. The fog in Würzburg was intense and also in some of the valleys…. 

It was a fantastic time and tour and we could not have managed without Sabine. We really owe her a lot. We hope to make some sort of tour DVD from all the great pictures and video she took. You can see more pictures on our web site listed below.