Friday, December 21, 2012

Westerbur and Rowe- Westerbur and Rowe 10” (Northern Ashram Records)

 The keyboard and drum duo of Westerbur and Rowe are back with their 2nd limited edition release. The first one was released in 2011 in only 100 copies. This is even more limited in only 50 numbered copies with handmade sleeves. Each side is a long untitled instrumental track and both are really cool. Side A starts with a cool organ that is complimented by spacey synthesizers. This goes on for a min or so before the drums enter into the track. The layers of keyboards are really cool as the track floats along and the mood changes but there is always this spacey kind of drone running through even though the organ clearly is the lead instrument. The drummer compliments the music in a cool way and there is a keyboard that also plays a sort of bass line as well. The B-side is quite similar but the synths are more intense and psychedelic at the beginning and the pace is a bit faster and goes up and down. Cool 10” if you can track it down..

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