Sunday, December 30, 2012

Glitter Wizard- Hunting Gatherers (Captcha HBSP-2X-035)

The San Francisco psychedelic rock band Glitter Wizard returns with their 2nd full length record. This one is really super cool and totally blew me away. The opening track Worship the Devil is a great number and reminds me a lot of old Witchcraft! The beginning has this 60s style organ that throws you off but later it takes a totally different direction including some awesome flute playing. A very dynamic song. Blood of the Serpent starts with a more slow heavy stoned rhythm and spacey vocal. The organ line is once again spot on and compliments the heavy guitar riff. Motörider is a catchy uptempo rock and roll number. Space is a long track that starts with a lot of drumming by Fancy Cymballs before the main hypnotic guitar and vocal kicks in. The middle section has some really spacey keyboards and flute and slowly the psychedelic guitar creeps in as the track builds up again.

          Ragdoll starts off side B and is an uptempo rocker with a really cool keyboard line and hard riffing guitar. The horn line makes it a bit crazy and you got love Wendy’s vocal. The mid-section has a cool wah guitar part with some spacey synths, organ and vocals as the track just keeps evolving and never coming back to where it started. Spaced! Wizard Wagon is a really catchy track with some cool lyrics (“We can all get high in my wizard wagon!”). Sunlit Wolves is a forest acoustic blues track with flute. Big Sur is along spaced out psychedelic monster of a track. It statts off really spacey but then the band hit a really swinging groove as the organ leads the way and then heavy guitar and spacey synth sweeps take us out to another universe! This is a super cool record and one of my favourites this year..

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