Friday, December 21, 2012

Qoph- Freaks (Transubstans/Nasoni Records)

The Swedish psychedelic rock band, Qoph is back with their 3rd full length record. The artwork is quite dark with very little information just four dark portraits of the members of the 2 album sides and inside the gatefold. The insert gives a bit more but to find the real LP order you have to look at the LP labels themselves. Anyway, the opening track (Hearts and Sorrows) sounds just like what you had hoped the new Soundgarden record would sound like but doesn’t. A fantastic track that channels 1991 era SG. The next song Seconds and Minutes is very short and strange and then In your Face is a brooding track that slowly cruises along with a cool passionate vocal. Ride kicks up the intensity again much like the first track and is like the single you can hear on the their web site. It also features a bit of saxophone. Feverland is a bit spooky and lead by the bass line but some strange sounds and things creep into the song to take it away from the norm. Flip the record over and the Wierdness to Come also has this dark feel to it and is quite heavy and has a cool double track guitar section and organ. Freaks has a long tripped out instrumental section that is really cool. Remedy is a cool funky catchy track with an addictive rhythm and a great wah guitar solo. The Devil Rides Out ends the record and is a great song and also features Karl Asp on saxophone.

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