Sunday, November 25, 2012


Scabsmoker is a pretty new three piece band from Canada. This is their first cassette release on the Prairie Fire label. It is a one sided tape with 6 tracks of intense stuff.  It starts pretty far out and psychedelic with a lot of twisted, distorted sounds and a freaky keyboard line. A spoken word line comes in but you can really hear it over the ever increasing noise intensity that is building up. A slow heavy noisy guitar riff with lots of sustain is used to build the track with the occasional cough or other vocal utterance until the real singing, screaming kicks in. Might remind people of Cough, a more tortured less psychedelic and more low fi Sons of Otis at times. You have to be really patient for this band but then the band just takes off and spaces out. It is all very raw in its recording quality. The sound quality changes quite a bit for the better half way through the tape but also becomes a bit more normal for the track Black Queen. The Abyss is like hardcore punk, very raw and fast. Butcher of Demons has a cool bass line to start and then they take off. Very raw sound and frantic vocals. They slow down to more slow doomy parts as well and then take off again and add some cool effects on the voice at times as well. Death by natural Causes is slower from the start with a slow vocal delivery with delay. I like the feel on this track as it stays slow and doomy throughout. Call of the First Aethyr ends this cassette. If you can handle the raw sound this tape delivers some intense stuff…

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