Wednesday, April 4, 2012

John Duva- John Duva (Troglodyte Records TROG004)

John Duva is a Swedish garage rock band with a lot of attitude. The record has a lot of raw rocking energy, snotty vocals, and I have read people compare them to a more snotty, rough and raw version of the Swedish band, the Hives. Since I don't really know the Hives, I can't tell you. The songs have mostly Swedish song titles but a few like the opening, The Wind are in English. This is a really hard genre to create a unique identity and I am not really sure they succeed but damn they have a lot of energy and come across as a band that would probably really get the room moving and the people singing a long with them. If you like slightly punky, raw, garage rock with a slight melodic edge, then check these guys out..

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