Friday, September 23, 2011

Wight- Wight Weedy Wight LP + 7” (Bildcation 1)

Wight is a new German trio that plays total 70s style rock with a Sabbathy side to them and they like long tracks. There are only a total of 6 tracks on this LP + 7”. I got lucky to get one of the 200 copies on red vinyl with the 7”. Side A starts off with the instrumental Cosmic Rhythm #1 which starts slowly with some bells and the guitar slowly enters with a heavy riff that is repeated over and over for a while before the track really takes off with some killer guitar soloing to take it to a whole new level with a great mix of guitars in both channels. All beyond the Piend of Being is next and this is a long very early Black Sabbath inspired track (to start), like something from the first record, with some very passionate singing and cool spacey wah guitar and later on the band space out a bit more with some cool delay guitar stuff. Very cool song. Flip the record over and you start with Let me know when you found GOD, which starts with a slow heavy riff like something like early Count Raven or Black Sabbath. There is even a guitar solo only section a bit like the Warning. Cool…  The title track features some intense wah guitar as it slowly build up in intensity again with some great layered guitars in both channels. A great debut record. For those who get the first press you will also get the 7” record with two tracks (it plays on 33 rpm). The first one Shawman Woman, has a very intense vocal but is also a damn cool track and reminds me a bit of Dzjeghis Khan. Hammer Boogie is a pretty cool blues rocker and reminds me of Church of Misery with a very cool and surprising saxophone solo! Overall, this is great stuff for those who like slower, more spacey, heavy doom rock with lots of nice guitar parts and solo. Impressed.

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