Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dead Man and Sinister Creation- Ungdomshuset, Københvn 9/23/11

This was a really fun night. It was Martin’s 30th birthday so nearly all of the Danish folks that go to Roadburn were all gathered together. 30mins before the show, there was cake and a small drink and Martin got some gifts from many of us. Nice guy. Sinister Creation, a local Copenhagen Doom rock band started a little after 10 and played a pretty short set with two new songs. One called 42nd street and I am not sure what the last one was but I did record it. See the video below. They have some great riffs and sound a lot like bands like Pentagram, Witchfinder General, that style of stuff. There are not a lot of guitar solos and Martin is not that good a vocalist yet (but a really good frontman), so it is mainly based on power riffs and solid playing. The band is solid but not offering anything new to this genre of music. They need to add some more interesting twists to the songs, some jam parts, some effects on the vocal every now and then, something to mix it up and distinguish themselves from the crowd otherwise they won’t go far.

          Dead Man from Sweden was next and I had not seen this line up with only one member from the original band. They had a new 7” release out and played both new songs as well as a great selection of stuff from both records such as Goin’ over the Hill, Highway, The Wheel, etc.. That band was really excellent and pretty much blew me away. I was really in the mood for this. The new band is excellent and the bass playing was super cool. They remind me of a mix of CCR, Grateful Dead and other 60s acts. Powerful singing, lots of long more instrumental parts with some great guitar solos as well. I am not sure how long they played but I guess an hour or so.

Set List: The Wheel, I, Rest in Peace, I must be Blind, Get off my Back, A pinch of Salt, Highway, Goin’ over the Hill, ??

          After that I was not all that interested in the Swedish band Pyramido and it was hot and too smoky and very loud inside so we hung out outside and had another beer and talked with the guys in Dead Man. I only saw the last two songs and they had a lot of energy and aggression. Some people were really into it for sure.. Hope you had a nice birthday Martin!  People were having a great time and Jens was the metal DJ and playing all sorts of classic stuff. I had a nice night out with friends. 

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