Friday, September 23, 2011

Electric Moon- Flaming Lake (Sulatron st-cdr 013)

Electric Moon is back with another limited edition live CD-R release. This one is pressed in 250 copies and is from a gig the band played in the summer of 2011. It features 4 long jammed out tracks and some of the heaviest guitar riffs Dave has ever played! The first track is 17 mins and starts very slow and spaced out and slowly builds up and is called the Cosmic Creator. It has a killer riff in the middle section and then spaces out again at the end. The title track, Flaming Lake is 16½ mins and starts with some effects on the bass and guitars as it kind of drones along before the drums kick in. Dave plays a long totally fuzzed and phased out space guitar on this track. Wow.. Lost and Found souls is 23½ mins and has an amazing HEAVY riff, almost like going into a slow space DOOM thing with a lot of wah. I have never heard Dave play anything this heavy before.  This is an awesome track! Burning Battenberg is an 18 min track that ends this concert. This track is much more melodic and Dave plays an almost Spanish style lead guitar stuff as this one builds up some tension and also flies! A really cool release for people how like instrumental guitar psych!

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  1. imho best Electric Moon album. space wah jams are beyond any words. great job, Dave!