Monday, November 2, 2020

Wheel of Smoke- Sonic Cure (Polder Records PRO-021.2019)

I met these cool guys in Belgium some years ago and they seem to be one of the few bands in Belgium keeping a cool stoner rock sound alive.  I did not hear the last couple of records so I was excited to hear this one as this is a band that deserves more recognition. The record starts off with the fantastic title track.  The lead guitar is fantastic  and reminds me of Huw Lloyd Langton at times and this song is for sure a bit like 80s Hawkwind. Just with the analog synths were mixed a bit louder!! Brainshaker has an infectious groove and I love the two different guitar parts and how they work on this one.  Beamed is a slower more moody track and also instrumental like Brainshaker. Some lovely guitar and moods.  On a Wave starts slowly but at about 3mins they kick into a more stoner rock feel and some analog space sounds appear out of nowhere and then a new groove starts to emerge and the vocals return.  Great song. Electric I ends this great album. It starts slow melodic and with a nice solo before at 222, the bass comes in with a new heavy vibe and things start to take off and evolve at a faster pace.  What a great record.  Please check this one out!!

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