Saturday, November 14, 2020

Mienkinaru- Lost Bones of the Holy Butterfly (Drone Rock Records)

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This is a new collaboration (band) with Mike Vest (Bass, mixing), Dave Sneddon on drums and Suzuki Junzo and quite a heavy psychedelic noise fest.  On the opening title track, the band sound is established. The drum and bass sound is quite open and reverby, the guitar is loud, spaced and often aggressive not the sound is not so dense like Haiku No ku or some of Mike’s other heavy psych projects. As the track develops, Suzuki really takes off with some great guitar work.  About 10mins or so into the track, it just stops completely and it comes as a shock and then suddenly they shoot straight back to where they left off.  Now there are appear to be two guitar lines being played as the solo becomes more crazy and wild… The rhythm guitar line starts to play something more doomy and heavy in the background but the solo guitar is spaced and loud. Trippy stuff.  That takes the entire album Side. Part II of the title track kicks off not far off where the 1st side ended, as if this was just one long hour long jam..   Half way through this track, the drums and bass drop out for 15 seconds and then come back with a new groove but Suzuki just smashes forward with wild abandon… If you really like super intense long guitar freakouts over the background of a steady groove, this is the shit!!

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