Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Budos Band- Long in the Tooth (Daptone Records)

We saw this Staten Island NY band at Psycho Las Vegas and I have been a fan of them since. I always look forward to the next record but I have to say the label use a lot of false advertising and continue to give these references to Black Sabbath and being psychedelic, when neither is true. There is not a single psych track on this record. A little freaky ending on of the tracks on the 7” is not enough to justify the use of the word!!  The band continues to deliver their smooth instrumental sound track music. I don’t think anyone outside the band could tell the difference between the tracks on this album and the last one or two… Don’t get me wrong, I dig the stuff and groove along but they don’t progress. Even less than AC/DC, I would say.  Anyway, if you like the band and want to hear another album of songs that sounds just like the last one. This will for sure be the last album I will buy from the band without hearing it first.  Sorry guys..

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