Saturday, November 14, 2020

Vol 4 Redux (Magnetic Eye Records ‎MER-075)


A1 –Thou (2) Wheels Of Confusion 8:01
A2 –The Obsessed Tomorrow's Dream 3:01
A3 –High Reeper Changes 4:59
A4 –Matt Pike FX 4:07
A5 –Spirit Adrift Supernaut 4:42
B1 –Green Lung Snowblind 5:22
B2 –Whores. Cornucopia 6:04
B3 –Tony Reed Laguna Sunrise 2:54
B4 –Haunt (7) St. Vitus' Dance 2:25
B5 –Zakk Sabbath Under The Sun 7:07

I love the original album and was very curious to hear this and was also shocked as pretty much every band with the exception of Zakk Sabbath (discounting the solo sections) do very intriguing versions of the songs.  I have to say on first listen I actually did not like quite a few of the versions but now after a few listens, realize it takes quite some balls to fuck with these classic tunes and try to make it into something new.  Although, I really don’t like the death metal vocals on Wheels of Confusion, the rest of the version is really cool.  High Reeper turn Changes into a rocker! Not easy to pull that off.  Matt Pike he has a hell of a lot of fun extending out and make a sound collage for FX.. Supernaut, this is one where the riff is just so groovy on the original and they fuck with it so it did not really work for me.  Anyway, if you expect an almost identical cover of the original album look elsewhere, these are bands that took the tracks to new places. 

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