Monday, November 2, 2020

Kadavar- The Isolation Tapes (Robotor Records RRR001)

This is a super cool record and will probably go down as one of my faves by the band.  Kadavar at least on side A (Tabula Rasa Part I-V) really went for a sort of Pink Floyd Meddle like vibe and achieved it quite successfully. I love the first side of the record.  A long suite of tracks that run together with some nice spacey stuff and not a lot of singing.   Side B features 5 shorter tracks and is quite varied as well.  Cool music. I hope they make some more music in this vein in the future. They clearly have some really nice analog gear in their studio based on the pictures in the gatefold sleeve. A great success for a band known for playing Sabbath inspired Occult rock or whatever you want to label it!! Congrats guys..

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