Sunday, October 2, 2016

Uluru- Imaginary Sun (Tonzonen Records TON018)

Uluru are a instrumental trio based in Istanbul Turkey and had previously released a couple of EPs. This vinyl release takes the bands best tracks from the 2 Eps to make one LP.  There are 5 tracks total. This LP is pressed in 500 copies on red and black vinyl in a nice gatefold sleeve. Side A features 3 tracks of slow paced spacey guitar leads jams/improvs. Not a lot of effects of layers, just nice musical communication. Uluru starts things off with a slow building guitar solo driven track with the occasional reoccurrence of the main dark guitar riff. Later on he adds a wah pedal to the guitar soloing. Demon Spirit is a bit longer at 8mins and starts with a more fuzzed out and low fi sound on the guitar, quite a change in sound with this nasty layer of distortion on the sound. Far out. Elegy returns to a more clear and clean sound but again a pretty dark feeling to the guitar melody, like a mystery is about to begin. This track has some very passionate guitar playing and great bass and drums as well.  Side A starts off with Dazed Hill, a 10min track (you can hear this on the bandcamp link below). It starts with a pretty doomy guitar riff but then the solo starts. Later it becomes quite dreamy and then really rocks out at the end. This is the most intense song on the record. Blind Camel is another 10mins track and finished off the record. This track is quite dynamic with slow spacey parts and also harder heavy ones. Some of this reminds me of the Italian band, King Bong. Cool guitar solo driven jams with a good band to back up the guitar excursions.

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