Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mos Generator- The Firmament CD (Stickman Records)

Mos Generator is a very productive band from Washington state lead by Tony Reed. This is a five song LP of jams for the film The Firmament. The band is expanded a bit with the addition of Andy Sorter on Fender Rhodes on a few tracks and Bo Micconaghie on 2nd guitar. Fall of Megiddo is a very Pink Floyd inspired blues jam with some really nice guitar work (not up to the level of godly David Gilmour though!). Track 2, Zero to Infinity is more inspired by King Crimson (minus the mellotron, which will come later!) with both heavy and dreamy parts. Wicked Willow is the first track with vocals and also features acoustic guitar. At 3mins the track increases intensity with the electric guitars smashing in and the vocal becomes more powerful. Dead Souls (Joy Division cover) is really different with the bass line really driving the track. A tough band to do good justice of when covering.  Warrior Soul were successful though with Interzone, which I like better than the original. Outlander (see video below) closes the mini-LP.  Another very cool record…

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