Sunday, October 2, 2016

Boveda del Sol- Terra Firma (Self Released Portugal 2016)

Boveda del Sol is a solo project of Portuguese musician, Jordi Pajagut. I met Jordi at the reverence Festival. He said he was very inspired by the stuff I did with my own band, Oresund Space Collective. Obrigado.. This is not at all like ØSC though, just to let you know. The title track starts things off with a doomy riff and some organ. It slowly gathers a groove though and then the vocal. Oh shit… This really caught me by surprise! I did not expect a death metal like vocal. Some how it works but I am not a fan of this vocal style at all as I can’t understand anything that is said so it is more like an instrument in a way.  Effective?? Maybe… The vibe changes quite a bit around 4:30 and gets more spacey with the guitar line but also some synth sounds. Suno starts off with some cool spacey guitar with delay and some drums. At 2:30 the doom and death vocal kicks in again. Intense. The spacey guitar line is still there but now mixed further in the back and a layer of spacey synths is floating through the sound as well. It fades out after 7mins. Echeyde starts pretty spaced out and reminds me a lot of the beginning of the ØSC Ode to a black hole record. Nivaria is a 4min instrumental track. I really like this one with the great bass lines more in the front and then the heavy part comes later. Erg starts off with some really spacey sounds and a simple guitar and stays pretty droney and spaced out the entire time.  Sigil ends the album and is slow to build up with some more elaborate synthesizer stuff over a basic guitar line and it just slowly evolves over the 4mins and then there is silence for a min and then some gongs-bells before the main theme returns once again to end the CD.. Cool stuff… I could see Jordi and myself making some music in the future in Portugal…

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