Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Re-Stoned- Reptiles Return (Clostridium Records CR022)

Clostridium is back with another cool release. I really loved the last Re-Stoned record and was looking forward to this one. This one has shorter tracks, 8 in total of instrumental stoner stuff with a lot of great guitar. I love the slide guitar work on the opening track called Return. It also has a nice bluesy ending. Run changes things up with some keyboards. The Mountain Giant is a great stoner groove rocker! Sleeping World is a slow, bluesy track and something totally different but cool and a nice way to end the side. Flip it over for Winter Witchcraft has a beautiful melody and some nice windy sounds to start the record off. A very beautiful floating track with some nice percussion as well. Lovely guitar. Walnut talks is a quite short number. Flying Clouds is one of the longest tracks with a more stretched out guitar section over some nice bass lines. Roots Pattern is the last track on the LP and features some acoustic guitars and drony synths to accompany the track. Over all, a very nice record and not as heavy as the bands other stuff but some great tracks. I noticed in the credits this record was mastered by the Swedish guitarist, Janne Stark. Cool…

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