Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zone Six- Live at Sulatron Night, Fulda 2011 (Sulatron st cdr16)

This was a quite special Zone Six show, with only Dave from the original Zone Six line up (and he plays drums, where he normally played bass in the old days and more recently, usually guitar), plus two bass players and the guitar player (from the Pancakes). The CD-r is limited to 100 copies and features 3 long tracks. All heavy and spaced out stuff. Modulfix is providing all the synth and space drones and sounds that swirl around the pulsating mix. Stoned Washed is the 21min opening jam with the basses making effects sounds (at least one), synths bubbling up here and there and the guitar cutting through the mix. Dave is being patient. It starts to take off with a far out fuzzy wah guitar still leading the way as the basses just keep it steady and focused. Now, one of the basses takes over the wah fuzz and lets Rainer really take off with some nice lead guitar work, which is sadly a bit buried in the mix. A slight eastern thread starts on the guitar and then disappears again as they move forward like a huge thick wall of wah sound. A damn intense jam. Timmee is a long 33 min track so be patient. It starts slowly with some synthesizer and a simple bass and drum line before Rainer kicks in with the effected guitar lines with a special echo sound at times. Again, the 2nd bass uses a lot of effects to thicken the sound while giving space to Rainer to freakout while, Lulu or Paul keeps a steady bass line going for Dave to drum to. 11 mins in they make a sort of stop start break that is not really that successful and Dave gets the idea that he must move from here and takes the track up tempo straight away leaving the rest of the band trying to figure out how to follow his lead…. At 17mins, just over half way, they come almost to a stop and you can hear and sense modulfix’s sounds more and then a really cool bass line kicks in and off they go again..  Around 24mins, they slow down and try to find a new direction to go and repetitive riff, groove, bass starts and they take off in another direction once again. It gets pretty intense again when it does finally end with some good soloing from Rainer. Phew.. what a journey.. Isotoxik ends the CD and I will let you check it out yourself if you can handle it! Peace.

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