Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Aron- Use your inner Light (Kommun2:19)

 These recordings were conceived between 1996 and 2001. Aron recently dug them up just for you. Some of the even precede his first solo record, Black Beacon but channel a similar vibe. Aron is the guitar player in Spids Nøgenhat, Dragontears, and this is his own project that he records at his home in the other room. Hobbiten from On Trial provides some sounds on Flyings for Flies and Anya provides some vocals on Evol Love. Falling Leaves is a short 2 min track with two tracks on guitars. The dark, spooky stuff starts with the next track, Evol Love. Very eerie vocals and a kind of intense acoustic guitar. My Ghost really freaked me out as he has put an effect on his voice that sounds like a small child and that combined with the nice acoustic guitar playing is quite cool. Dødens stilhed doesn’t sound like Aron singing. A bit like John Fahey or something. Stahrzällar finishes the side with a nice instrumental track with really cool guitar parts. I loved this track. Kom ind I Lyset is another dark, scary, freaky one with that effected voice. Find my Way is a beautiful ballad with a distant echoey vocal that goes a bit freaky just as you had settled into the song. The Yardbird reminds me a lot of one of these UK psych bands I heard in the 80s… who???? Freaky stuff though. The LP ends with Flyings for the Flies and this is the most psyched out track. This is printed in only 300 copies and Aron also designed the interesting collage on the front.

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