Sunday, April 1, 2012

Träd Gräs och Stenar and Aron’s Headband- Loppen, Christiania March 31st, 2012

This was a really cool night and I met up with lots of friends. Especially, great to see my friend Ralph, who has been ill for some time but is doing better now. This was the debut concert of Aron’s Headband. The band features Aron (guitar and vocals), Tobias (SKL) on bass, Anders (Baby Woodrose, Dragontears) on Drums, Søren on keyboards, Nikolai (Nikolai vilhelm Tell) on guitar, Anders (Anders, On Trial) on guitar and they play Aron, Anders and some covers songs. The first couple of songs did not really grab me but damn the 3rd song and the 4th, which you can see the video of below, blew me away. Really cool psychedelic rock with a really nice groove. They only played about 45mins and came back for an encore, which I think was a song? Anders, Nikolai and Aron all shared the vocals. Cool set.

Set list (not in order): Uzun ince bir Yoldayim (Long and winding road), Early Morning, Pigen i engenWalking the halls, Drop your bombs, Ud på landet, Country of wine

          I have not seen TGS since the Space Rock Odyssey festival in 2008 and only heard but saw very little of the set but they were spaced out and it was one of the first shows with the guitar player from Dungen taking over. The show we saw with the original guitar player in Malmö in 2007 with Acid Mothers Temple was not that great. But..tonight, they started off with a really spaced out drone track that just really built up over 20 mins. Very cool. They mixed long more spacey tracks with shorter ones. Everything was in Swedish so I am not sure what they were talking about or singing about but you can see a couple of videos below. They played a long set of about 1hr and 45mins and no encore. I am pretty impressed that they can still channel that similar stoned vibe they had in the 70s.. I had recently been listening to a bunch of their shows from 1969-72 that someone had uploaded to dimeadozen torrent site so was into the vibe and they still have it… Cool band….

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