Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Toxic Mind- Neuropsychotoxicology (Self Released)

Toxic Mind is a mostly instrumental progressive space rock band from Finland. The artwork is really cool on this CD and it includes the lyrics as well. The CD starts off with a spaced out spoken word intro that leads into The Birth of NGC223. This is a great Ozric tentacles inspired track but the end they go into a really melodic guitar part with some great synth solos and also nice saxophone solos. A really fantastic track, with a bit of Spanish twist to it. Carnival in Space is a very cool high energy track with some voices by Oona that really do compliment the track well. A lot of cool guitar parts shifting between the speakers as well. The sax returns towards the end to finish it off. The drums and bass are really cool as well and remind me of GONG. Dynamic stuff.  UFO keeps the pace high and features some like honky tonk piano back and forth with the guitar. Fun track and something really different. Constructing a Human starts slow and spacey but then takes off lead by the synthesizer and then some more Spanish eh guitar into the sax, this brings the track down but only briefly.  Oona returns once again on this long and dynamic track. The Destruction of Mankind actually features real singing and is one of the more melodic tracks on the record, with a more laid back and fluid dynamic. A new Beginning is the first to feature some acoustic guitar and I really like the sort of flangy guitar and intense drumming at the end. Oona returns with her melodic floating voices. The CD ends with a track called Evolution, which again features some acoustic guitar. This is a really cool new band with influences from ozric Tentacles, GONG, Hidria Spacefolk and bands like this. I really enjoyed the CD a lot.

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  1. Do you know where I can find this album for purchase? They don't respond to emails sent to their gmail address and all their pages (myspace/facebook etc.) have to be updated since 2008...