Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stone Axe/Wight Split LP (Fat and Holy Records EYE005)

This is a split LP with 2 new tracks from the German band, Wight and 3 from Stone Axe. Side A starts off with Wight’s Cosmic rhythm #2. It starts with just the bass and drums as the guitar slowly works its way into the mix and the solo part takes fold out of the left speaker and other worldy guitar sounds also float around in the background making this pretty psychedelic. Cool song with great guitar by Rene. The end reminds me of Electric Moon but with cooler bass playing. The other track is a live version of their song Wight Weedy Wight from their debut LP of the same title. This was recorded in June 2011 and it sounds a bit sterile compared to the studio album version. The track gets pretty damn cool when it slows and the guitar gets really spacey. It is still a cool track and a bit different from the original. Side B is the Stone Axe side. The last Setting Son is a nice organ driven track that starts slowly but damn, when the singing kicks in he totally reminds me of David Coverdale, circa 1975-1978. A cool slow bluesy track with a great guitar solo and passionate vocals. Slice the Darkness also starts off with organ as the drums and bass play a repetitive line over and over and then Dru starts to sing (helped by Tony). I like the way the guitar solo works its way into the mix. A very different but cool track. Transmission Part 2 ends this side and I have to say these three tracks are unlike any Stone Axe material before and all really different and cool. This tracks main rhythm is a like and old drum machine before the real drums come in with the slow piano like and some synthesizers. A weird instrumental track..

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  1. I like Wight jamming here - even made desert clip for Cosmic Rhythm #2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCKEgHfPJ9A