Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Purson- Rocking Horse/Twos and Ones 7” (Rise Above Records RISE7/143)

This is the debut 7” by a new female singer/guitar lead band from the UK. I saw them opening for Pentagram back in December 2011 and they were pretty cool. Anyway, I was blown away that a band like this can sell out a 7” of 500 copies in a week, when they have played many shows or really had a lot of press. Anyway, Rocking Horses is a dreamy track to start with a passionate vocal that turns a bit darker as the song evolves. The keyboard becomes more prominent as the track builds and there is a short solo section and then back to singing. The track tells a cool story! Twos and Ones is quite a dynamic track with this really cool up and down phased rhythm that I quite like. The vocal delivery is really cool and they have a short guitar jam at the end as well. A very cool track. When I saw them live I was reminded a lot of Blood Ceremony and I think many will still make this comparison. They will play in Denmark in May and also at Roadburn. 

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