Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vibravoid- Gravity Zero (Sulatron Records st1201)

          Germany psychedelic rock band, Vibravoid returns with yet another studio record. The band is really one a roll these days putting out something new every couple of months, be it a 7”, compilation tracks, live albums, etc..  This CD is 58mins long and is some of the heaviest stuff the band has ever recorded but it is not all new tracks as several of these tracks have appeared on 7” records or compilations by Fruits de Mer label. The CD contains two tracks that are not on the vinyl version. Really heavy psych! Anyway, the CD starts off with an amazing song called Gravitation Zero. It is over 13mins and starts very spaced out with strange voices, sounds, and then at 1½ mins really starts the trip. They even incorporate these strange 13th floor elevator gurgles and a other stuff. No Silver Bird is a cover song that was on a compilation album. Photosynthesis in darkness is a short 3min track and delivered in a very similar rhythm and vocals style as several Vibravoid tracks in the past and does not really seem very new but more the same but it has a very cool heavy fuzz bass and is quite psychedelic. Travelling without Moving is 1½mins of organ and spacey sounds like something off Ummagumma. Eruptions of the Green Sun is a more 60s style happy track that the band does so well. Shotgun Wedding (Eddie Cochran) follows. Get out of Here has a pretty extreme reverberation on the guitar giving it a freaky sound. Nice psychedelic effects on the voice. The White Ship (HP Lovecraft) is next. Brainplane is pretty tripped out stuff. This is the end of the vinyl LP. If you have the CD (I have both), then you can next hear La vie en Düsseldorf, a really cool 4 min track with some really nice spacey wah guitar that floats over the bass and drum line as in the left channel a trippy keyboard. A highly effected voice eventually kicks in. The 10½ min Radiation Zero takes you to the end of your musical adventure with Vibravoid. Hope you had a good trip. Vibravoid manage to create really amazing “head” music with the right sound production, catchy hooks but not too many, and great space outs… What more can a psychedelic music freak want.

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