Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wooden Shjips- Remixes (Thrill Jockey Records 12.49)

This 28min 12” features three long remixes of Wooden Shjips tracks by Andy Weatherall, Kandodo (guy from the Heads) and Sonic Boom (Spaceman 3). Anyway, what about the music.  Andy remixed the track Crossing. It is slowly turns into a sort of house techno thing but really maintains that Wooden Shjips vibe just with some extra percussion-electronics. Sonic Boom took on Wiking Stew. It is really far out and sounds at the beginning like it is all being played backwards. You would never know it was WS until The B side is a side long mash up of the West LP by Kandodo from the Heads! This is a real mind trip. Starts very droning and sort of melts together and there is some guitar solo but overall it is pretty far out. It was pressed in 2500 copies and is already sold out considering how most fans will not like this very much as it is very experimental and besides the first track you would have no idea this was made up from Wooden Shjips songs. Far out..

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