Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby Woodrose- Third Eye Surgery (Bad Afro Records)

 Lorenzo is back with another Baby Woodrose record and this will probably end up being one of my favourites due to its more psychedelic nature. The album is 9 tracks in 37 mins, with some longer tracks than is normal for BW. Very cool artwork as well. Down to the Bottom starts things off with a very cool organ driven track. I like the use of effects on the voice. Waiting for the War is a brilliant trippy track with cool conscious lyrics and an intense sound. The 2nd single off the record is called Dandelion and I just love this song. Such a cool beautiful melody and awesome lyrics, where Lorenzo trades vocals with female vocalist Emma, who sounds like a little girl but it works. The video for this track is very cool as well. See below. It’s just a Ride will remind you of Dragontears. It also features a strong keyboard line and lyrics. A really nice psychedelic middle section with nice flowing psychedelic almost eastern guitar lines. Bullshit Detector is one of the most heavy tracks with heavy fuzz guitar and nice solos, reminds me a bit of Vibravoid. Nothing is Real is the first single and a cool psychedelic track with some sitar and also features backing vocals by Emma. It has a long freaky end section (with backwards tracking, feedback, etc…). Love like a Flower features some sitar and a great fuzzy, reverb guitar the balances with the melodic vocals. The last two tracks are also the longest on the record, with Third Eye Surgery starting things off, which has a really spaced out beginning and then really rocks. Homalee ends the record by slowing things down for a more psychedelic glide to the end of your trip. Fucking excellent record. Wow…

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