Friday, June 3, 2011

Zub Zub- Primate (Zubmusic 2011)

Zia, ex-Ozric Tentacles bass player is back with his 4th electronic music CD. It also features Jon (flute player from Ozrics) and Alex Pym (guitar from Dream Machine, Thunderdogs) on a few tracks here and there but it is mostly Zia and Mindflux on synths and programming. The opening track, Huge Orange Sun, has a really cool groovy beat and synth line and is quite melodic but then gets totally twisted in the middle and then back. Alex plays a nice melodic solo in this track as well. Conniption increases the pace and includes some samples about LSD. This one is quite Eat Static inspired. Trancehall is a shorter track that is interesting in the way it has really spacey synths but almost breakbeat like drums programming. Sacred Langur has these delay keys and then the beats kick in. I like the samples about God being a monkey. Elemental gives you a little break from the beats and is a sort of ambient track. Ascendant has a cool groovy beat. The bass is quite deep in this one and it is also very melodic and features Alex on different kinds of guitar and Jon is back as well. This is a totally different track and a nice change. Shards is quite a cool track with a lot of different far out sounds and new things going on all the time and these fast arpeggio synths flying in and out. Nanocrumb is totally like old school Eat Static. Out to the Stars again features Jon in a more ambient track with no heavy beats and a cool sample by an astronomer. If you were lucky enough to order it early you got an extra 3 track promo CD and I haved to say, I actually like these tracks probably more than anything else on the CD.

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