Friday, June 3, 2011

New releases from Acoustic Disaster Records

 The Tropic Punk Sustain- Sleepy Greenhouse (Acoustic Disaster Records AD026) 

Acoustic Disaster is a small CD-R and sometimes vinyl, release label based in Switzerland that releases very special underground music. This CD-R is very limited to only 25 copies and features 3 tracks in 16mins. It comes in a sleeve with a full color cover and fold out insert with some pictures but no information. This is very special synthesizer music. I am not sure how to describe this..

Sad Mechanic Exercise- Dear Friends (Acoustic Desaster AD025)

            Here is another limited edition Acoustic Desaster release. This one features a three piece band who are doing a sort of tribute to Edwin Arlington Robinson using all of his words for the basis of their songs, including the title, Dear Friends. Edwin lived from 1899-1935. The CD features 10 tracks in 26 mins and like Henry my Son, they are using the words from a famous person, and they share the same singer (speaker). The introduction track is totally different for this band, which are far more experimental, psychedelic and strange but then the music enters into the same sort of realm of Henry my Son, so if you like that one, you will probably dig this one as they are brothers in music. Very laid back stuff with quite minimal playing as the words take the center piece. 

            Henry my Son- Where lies the land on whitch yon ship must go (Acoustic Disaster Records AD023)

This is a 10 track CD which last 39 mins and is a very special CD. All the words are by William Wordsworth. Some of the tracks are very short, only a few minutes and others longer and feature cello, harmonium, piano and guitar. Hari, has a very special spoken word approach to putting William’s words to music. Some of this reminds me of someone but I just can’t place it. A bit of Velvet Underground, Tom Waits, and ….. Anyway, it is very laid back, dreamy and peaceful stuff…

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